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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Sea-Land Limits: a case study
Author: de Mesquita, AR
Blitzkow, D
Franca, CAS
Trabanco, JLA
Correa, MA
Monteiro, MQ
Abstract: The limits between sea and land were estimated at "Pulso" beach located in the Southeastern Brazilian shelf (phi =23 degrees 33'17.4886 '' S;. lambda=045 degrees 13'13.0504 '' W - WGS84), between the island of Sao Sebastiao and the city of Ubatuba, SP, Brazil. The relative sea level of the year 1831 at "Pulso" beach, as per Brazilian law Number 9760 dated from 1946, was estimated and materialized. The retro-estimation allowed the demarcation of the Legal Sea-Land Limits at "Pulso" beach as per the terms of the law. The accuracy of the procedure for the transference of the long-term sea level from the research station of Ubatuba to "Pulso" beach was assessed by parallel work of geometrical leveling referred to the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) geodetic network. The motivation, the hypotheses (Brest, Cananeia and IPCC) and the methods here used are described, together with a short history of the Legal Sea-Land Limits. The results indicated that the legal Sea-Land Limits at "Pulso" beach are well within the beach area. They were determined as per law 9760, and there is the need to reactivate the national network of sea level gauge.
Subject: Relative Sea Level
Brazilian law
Sea-Land Limits
"Pulso" beach
geodetic leveling
Southeastern Brazilian shelf
global warming
sea level rise
Country: Brasil
Editor: Acad Brasileira De Ciencias
Citation: Anais Da Academia Brasileira De Ciencias. Acad Brasileira De Ciencias, v. 83, n. 4, n. 1221, n. 1230, 2011.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2011
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