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2011Corrigendum to "Effect of the synthetic coumarin, ethyl 2-oxo-2h-chromene-3-carboxylate, on activity of crotalus durissus ruruima Spla2 as well as on edema and platelet aggregation induced by this factor" [toxicon 55 (8) (2010) 1527-1530]Fonsecae, F.V.; Baldissera, L.; Toyama, D.O.; Camargo, E.A.; Cotrim, C.A.; Diz Filho, E.B.S.; Correa, A.G.; Alvim, J.; Beriam, L.O.S.; Toyama, M.H.; Antunes, E.-Outros documentos
2017Wt1 Haploinsufficiency Supports Milder Renal Manifestation In Two Patients With Denys-drash SyndromeGuaragna, Mara S.; Andrade, Juliana G. Ribeiro de; Carli, Barbara de Freitas; Belangero, Vera M. S.; Maciel-Guerra, Andrea T.; Guerra -Junior, Gil; Mello, Maricilda P. de-Outros documentos
2016Imbalance Of Matrix Metalloproteinase In The Obesity-associated Asthma.Vieira, C. P.; Oliveira, L. P.; Silva, M. B. da; Andre, D. M.; Tavares, E. B.; Pimentel ,E. R.; Antunes, E.-Outros documentos
2016Histological Features In Partial And Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Biopsy And Gonadectomy Material: Review Of 43 CasesAndrade, J. G. R.; Fabbri, H. C.; Holl-Ulrich, K.; Werner, R.; Marques de Faria, A. P.; Mello, Maricilda Palandi de; Guerra Junior, Gil; Maciel-Guerra, A.T.; Hiort, Olaf-Outros documentos
2016Partial And Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis Cannot Be Distinguished By Histological Picture: Clinical Evaluation, Histological Differences And Long-term Follow Up Of 61 Brazilian PatientsRibeiro de Andrade, Juliana Gabriel; Fabbri, Helena Campos; Santos, Ana Paula dos; Marques de Faria, Antonia Paula; Mello, Maricilda Palandi; Guerra Junior, Gil; Maciel-Guerra, Andrea Trevas-Outros documentos
2016Effects Of Epigenetic Modulator Drugs On Dna Methylation Of Hela CellsVeronezi, Giovana Maria Breda; Felisbino, Marina Barreto; Gatti, Maria Silvia Viccari; Vidal, Benedicto de Campos; Mello, Maria Luiza Silveira-Outros documentos
2016Glucose Level Of Culture Medium Affects The Response Of Hepg2 Cells Chromatin To Histone Deacetylase InhibitorsFelisbino, M.B.; Alves da Costa, T., Gatti, M.S.V.; Mello, M.L.S.-Outros documentos
2015Role of hypoxia inducible factor (hif-1 Alpha) on mitochondrial function in insulin resistance muscle cellsAraújo, Michel; Lima, Tanes; Sampaio, Igor; Teodoro, Bruno; Bomfim, Lucas; Queiroz, Andre; Passos, Madla; Santos, Jonathas; Carneiro, Everardo; Silveira, Leonardo-Outros documentos
2017Exploring And Understanding The Functional Role, And Biochemical And Structural Characteristics Of An Acidic Phospholipase A2, Ap1tx-i, Purified From Agkistrodon Piscivorus Leucostoma Snake VenomResende, L. M.; Almeida, J. R.; Ramos, R. S.; Collaço, R. C. O.; Simioni, L. R.; Ramírez, D.; González, W.; Soares, A. M.; Calderon, L. A.; Marangoni, S.; Silva, S. l. da-Outros documentos
2016The Role Of 17-beta-estradiol And Estrogen Receptors On Glucose Homeostasis In Malnourishment MiceGarcía-Arévalo, M.; Lorza-Gil, E.; Leite, N. C.; Vettorazzi, J. F.; Costa-Júnior, J. M.; Borck, P. C.; Boschero, A. C.; Carneiro, E. M.-Outros documentos