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2015Copaíba (Copaifera sp.) leaf extracts obtained by CO2 supercritical fluid extraction: isotherms of global yield, kinetics data, antioxidant activity and neuroprotective effectsBotelho, J.R.S.; Santos, A.G.; Araújo, M.E.; Braga, M.E.M.; Gomes-Leal, W.; Carvalho Junior, R.N.; Meireles, M.A.A.; Oliveira, M.S.-Artigo
2016Phase behavior of systems consisting of supercritical carbon dioxide and eucalyptus or rosemary essential oilBittencourt Dutra de Sousa, E.M.; Toussaint, V.A.; Shariati, A.; Florusse, L.J.; Chiavone-Filho, O.; Meireles, M.A.A.; Peters, C.J.-Artigo
2015Workshop on supercritical fluids and energy, Campinas 2013 - outcomes reportKiran, E.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Editorial
2014Supercritical fluid extraction from Priprioca: Extraction yield and mathematical modeling based on phase equilibria between solid and supercritical phasesHatami, T.; Moura, L.S.; Khamforoush, M.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2020Extraction methods for obtaining natural blue colorantsPrado, J.M.; Veggi, P.C.; Náthia-Neves, G.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2015Thermodynamic modeling of high-pressure equilibrium data for the systems L-lactic acid + (Propane + ethanol) and L-lactic acid + (carbon dioxide + ethanol)Debien, I.C.N.; Rigo, A.A.; Corazza, M.L.; Mazutti, M.A.; Oliveira, J.V.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2017Investigating the effects of grinding time and grinding load on content of terpenes in extract from fennel obtained by supercritical fluid extractionHatami, T.; Johner, J.C.F.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2016Perspectives on the application of supercritical antisolvent fractionation process for the purification of plant extracts: effects of operating parameters and patent surveyTorres, A.R.C.; Santana, Á.L.; Santos, D.T.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2015Pressurized liquid extraction as a promising and economically feasible technique for obtaining beta-ecdysone-rich extracts from brazilian ginseng (Pfaffia glomerata) rootsDebien, I.C.N.; Vardanega, R.; Santos, D.T.; Meireles, M.A.A.-Artigo
2017Multi-objective optimization of a sugarcane biorefinery for integrated ethanol and methanol productionAlbarelli, J.Q.; Onorati, S.; Caliandro, P.; Peduzzi, E.; Meireles, M.A.A.; Marechal, F.; Ensinas, A.V.-Artigo