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2015Workshop on supercritical fluids and energy – Campinas 2013, and the 25th year anniversary of the Journal of supercritical fluidsKiran, Erdogan; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Editorial
2014Obtaining sugars from coconut husk, defatted grape seed, and pressed palm fiber by hydrolysis with subcritical waterPrado, Juliana M.; Forster-Carneiro, Tânia; Rostagno, Mauricio A.; Follegatti-Romero, Luis A.; Maugeri Filho, Francisco; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
Jan-2019Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of lycopene from tomato processing by-products : mathematical modeling and optimizationHatami, Tahmasb; Meireles, M. Angela A.; Ciftci, Ozan N.-Artigo
2014Recent trends in integrated biorefineries development for sustainable productionSantos, Diego T.; Ensinas, Adriano V.; Chandel, Anuj K.; Maréchal, François; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Editorial
2016Modeling and optimization of supercritical fluid extraction of compounds from campomanesia xanthocarpa fruits: comparison between artificial and diffusion based modelsRahimpur, Neshat; Hatami, Tahmasb; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2014Obtaining oligo- and monosaccharides from agroindustrial and agricultural residues using hydrothermal treatmentsCardenas-Toro, Fiorella P.; Alcazar-Alay, Sylvia C.; Forster-Carneiro, Tânia; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2019Recent developments in particle formation with supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions process for encapsulationSantos, Diego T.; Santana, Ádina L.; Meireles, M. Angela A.; Petenate, Ademir José; Silva, Eric Keven; Albarelli, Juliana Q.; Johner, Júlio C. F.; Gomes, M. Thereza M. S.; Torres, Ricardo Abel Del Castillo Torres; Hatami, Tahmasb-Outro documento
2015Supercritical water gasification of biomass for hydrogen production: variable of the processLachos-Perez, D.; Prado, Juliana M.; Torres-Mayanga, P.; Forster-Carneiro, Tânia; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2016Economic analysis of an integrated annatto seeds-sugarcane biorefinery using supercritical CO2 extraction as a first stepAlbarelli, Juliana Q.; Santos, Diego T.; Cocero, María José; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo
2016Process integration for turmeric products extraction using supercritical fluids and pressurized liquids: Economic evaluationOsorio-Tobón, J. Felipe; Carvalho, Pedro I. N.; Rostagno, Mauricio A.; Meireles, M. Angela A.-Artigo