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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016Genome Editing By Crispr/cas9: A Game Change In The Genetic Manipulation Of ProtistsLander; Noelia; Chiurillo; Miguel A.; Docampo; Roberto-Artigo
2016Plant Growth Response Of Subirrigated Salvia 'vista Red' To Increasing Water Levels At Two SubstratesFerrarezi; Rhuanito S.; van Iersel; Marc W.; Testezlaf; Roberto-Artigo
2016Method To Evaluate The Efficiency Of Manual Overhead Irrigation In Citrus Rootstock Liner ProductionSalvador; Conan A.; Ferrarezi; Rhuanito S.; Barreto; Carlos V. G.; Testezlaf; Roberto-Artigo
2017Combined Utilization Of H-1 Nmr, Ir, And Theoretical Calculations To Elucidate The Conformational Preferences Of Some L-histidine DerivativesBraga; Carolyne B.; Rittner; Roberto-Artigo
2016Analysis Of The Applicability And Use Of Lipinski's Rule For Central Nervous System DrugsFernandes; Thais B.; Segretti; Mariana C. F.; Polli; Michelle C.; Parise-Filho; Roberto-Artigo
2015A Comparison Between Extinction Filters And Attribute FiltersSouza; Roberto; Rittner; Leticia; Machado; Rubens; Lotufo; Roberto-Artigo de evento
2015Molecular Cloning, Overexpression, Purification And Crystallographic Analysis Of A Gh43-xylosidase From Bacillus LicheniformisDiogo; Jose Alberto; Zanphorlin; Leticia Maria; Sato; Helia Harumi; Murakami; Mario Tyago; Ruller; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Understanding The Conformational Behaviour Of Ac-ala-nhme In Different Media. A Joint Nmr And Dft StudyCormanich; Rodrigo A.; Buehl; Michael; Rittner; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Dico: A Conceptual Model To Support The Design And Evaluation Of Advanced Search Features For Exploratory SearchDuarte; Emanuel Felipe; Oliveira; Edson; Jr.; Cogo; Filipe Roseiro; Pereira; Roberto-Artigo de evento
2016For The Revision Of The "psychologism"Goto; Roberto-Artigo
2016Immobilized Tannase Treatment Alters Polyphenolic Composition In Teas And Their Potential Anti-obesity And Hypoglycemic Activities In VitroRoberto; Bruna Sampaio; Macedo; Gabriela Alves; Macedo; Juliana Alves; Martins; Isabela Mateus; Nakajima; Vania Mayumi; Allwood; J. William; Stewart; Derek; McDougall; Gordon J.-Artigo
2015Topics In Present-day Science Technology And Innovation: Ultrafast Relaxation Processes In SemiconductorsRodrigues; Cloves Goncalves; Vasconcellos; Aurea Rosas; Luzzi; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Etiology-based Classification Of Brain White Matter Hyperintensity On Magnetic Resonance ImagingLeite; Mariana; Rittner; Leticia; Appenzeller; Simone; Ruocco; Heloisa Helena; Lotufo; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2016Performance Of Wick Irrigation System Using Self-compensating Troughs With Substrates For Lettuce ProductionFerrarezi; Rhuanito Soranz; Testezlaf; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Crispr/cas9-induced Disruption Of Paraflagellar Rod Protein 1 And 2 Genes In Trypanosoma Cruzi Rteveals Their Role In Flagellar AttachmentLander; Noelia; Li; Zhu-Hong; Niyogi; Sayantanee; Docampo; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Monitoring And Controlling Ebb-and-flow Subirrigation With Soil Moisture SensorsFerrarezi; Rhuanito Soranz; van Iersel; Marc W.; Testezlaf; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Subirrigation: Historical Overview, Challenges, And Future ProspectsFerrarezi; Rhuanito Soranz; Weaver; Geoffrey Matthew; van IerseI; Marc W.; Testezlaf; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Higher-order Generalized Hydrodynamics: Foundations Within A Nonequilibrium Statistical Ensemble FormalismSilva; Carlos A. B.; Rodrigues; Cloves G.; Galvao Ramos; J.; Luzzi; Roberto-Artigo de periódico
2015Variation Of Photosynthesis And Carbohydrate Levels Induced By Ethephon And Water Deficit On The Ripening Stage Of SugarcaneRoberto; Guilherme Garcia; Cunha; Camila; Gabriel Sales; Cristina Rodrigues; Silveira; Neidiquele Maria; Ribeiro; Rafael Vasconcelos; Machado; Eduardo Caruso; Magalhaes Andrade Lagoa; Ana Maria-Artigo de periódico
2015Experimental And Theoretical Evaluation On The Conformational Behavior Of L-aspartic Acid Dimethyl Ester And Its N-acetylated DerivativeBraga; Carolyne B.; Ducati; Lucas C.; Rittner; Roberto-Artigo de periódico