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Type: Artigo de evento
Title: The Effect Of The Presence Of Silicone Films On The Corrosion Resistance Of Zn And Znfe Coated Steel
Author: Souza M.E.P.
Ariza E.
Ballester M.
Yoshida I.V.P.
Rocha L.A.
Freire C.M.A.
Abstract: Chromatation pre-treatments have been widely used to improve galvanized steel corrosion resistance. However, due to the high toxicity of chromate ions, chromatation pre-treatments tend to be banned and, in last years, alternative coating systems are under investigation. Recently, polysiloxanes have been developed for application as coatings. Among them, and due to their specific properties, such as hardness, chemical resistance and hydrophobicity, silicone resins may be considered as promising substitutes for chromatation pre-treatments. In this work silicone films, obtained from the hydrolysis of a methoxy functional silicone reactive intermediate, were applied on galvanized steel and on steel electroplated with a ZnFe alloy. Electrochemical techniques were used to characterise the degradation behaviour of the samples. These consisted on the monitoring of the open circuit potential (OCP), and on the potentiodynamic polarization of the samples, which was performed in a 3% NaCl aqueous solution. Additionally, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) was used as a complementary technique for the evaluation of the corrosion mechanisms of the coating system. SEM and EDS were employed to inspect the surface of the samples before and after the electrochemical tests. EIS data was fitted to an equivalent circuit from which the electrochemical parameters were obtained. Results show the protective character of the resin films, when compared with uncovered specimens. The capacitance of the films increased with the immersion time, in accordance to the behaviour expected for an organic film. The overall performance of the coating systems appears to be highly dependent on the type of metallic coating applied to the steel. During the first three days of immersion the coatings applied upon galvanized steel showed larger |Z| values when compared with those applied to the electroplated steel, indicating a superior corrosion resistance of the former. However, after that time, an abrupt drop of |Z| is observed in the film applied on galvanized steel. In comparison, the coating system involving ZnFe alloy evidences a better stability throughout the immersion time.
Citation: Eurocorr 2004 - European Corrosion Conference: Long Term Prediction And Modelling Of Corrosion. , v. , n. , p. - , 2004.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2004
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