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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Combined Analysis Of νμ Disappearance And νμ →νe Appearance In Minos Using Accelerator And Atmospheric Neutrinos
Author: Adamson P.
Anghel I.
Aurisano A.
Barr G.
Bishai M.
Blake A.
Bock G.J.
Bogert D.
Cao S.V.
Castromonte C.M.
Cherdack D.
Childress S.
Coelho J.A.B.
Corwin L.
Cronin-Hennessy D.
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Devan A.V.
Devenish N.E.
Diwan M.V.
Escobar C.O.
Evans J.J.
Falk E.
Feldman G.J.
Frohne M.V.
Gallagher H.R.
Gomes R.A.
Goodman M.C.
Gouffon P.
Graf N.
Gran R.
Grzelak K.
Habig A.
Hahn S.R.
Hartnell J.
Hatcher R.
Himmel A.
Holin A.
Huang J.
Hylen J.
Irwin G.M.
Isvan Z.
James C.
Jensen D.
Kafka T.
Kasahara S.M.S.
Koizumi G.
Kordosky M.
Kreymer A.
Lang K.
Ling J.
Litchfield P.J.
Lucas P.
Mann W.A.
Marshak M.L.
Mayer N.
McGivern C.
Medeiros M.M.
Mehdiyev R.
Meier J.R.
Messier M.D.
Michael D.G.
Miller W.H.
Mishra S.R.
Moed Sher S.
Moore C.D.
Mualem L.
Musser J.
Naples D.
Nelson J.K.
Newman H.B.
Nichol R.J.
Nowak J.A.
O'Connor J.
Orchanian M.
Pahlka R.B.
Paley J.
Patterson R.B.
Pawloski G.
Perch A.
Phan-Budd S.
Plunkett R.K.
Poonthottathil N.
Qiu X.
Radovic A.
Rebel B.
Rosenfeld C.
Rubin H.A.
Sanchez M.C.
Schneps J.
Schreckenberger A.
Schreiner P.
Sharma R.
Sousa A.
Tagg N.
Talaga R.L.
Thomas J.
Thomson M.A.
Tian X.
Timmons A.
Tognini S.C.
Toner R.
Torretta D.
Tzanakos G.
Urheim J.
Vahle P.
Viren B.
Weber A.
Webb R.C.
White C.
Whitehead L.
Whitehead L.H.
Wojcicki S.G.
Zwaska R.
Abstract: We report on a new analysis of neutrino oscillations in MINOS using the complete set of accelerator and atmospheric data. The analysis combines the νμ disappearance and νe appearance data using the three-flavor formalism. We measure |Δm322|=[2.28-2.46]×10-3eV2 (68% C.L.) and sin2θ23=0.35-0.65 (90% C.L.) in the normal hierarchy, and |Δm322|=[2.32-2.53]×10-3eV2 (68% C.L.) and sin2θ23=0.34-0.67 (90% C.L.) in the inverted hierarchy. The data also constrain δCP, the θ23 octant degeneracy and the mass hierarchy; we disfavor 36% (11%) of this three-parameter space at 68% (90%) C.L. © 2014 American Physical Society.
Editor: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review Letters. American Physical Society, v. 112, n. 19, p. - , 2014.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.112.191801
Date Issue: 2014
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