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dc.contributor.CRUESPUniversidade Estadual de Campinaspt_BR
dc.typeArtigo de periódicopt_BR
dc.titleRecovery of extracellular alkaline lipases of fusarium spec. by foam fractionationpt_BR
dc.contributor.authordos Prazeres, JNpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorSimiqueli, APpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorPastore, GMpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorLinke, Dpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorZorn, Hpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorNimtz, Mpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorBerger, RGpt_BR
unicamp.authorLinke, Diana Berger, Ralf G. Leibniz Univ Hannover, Inst Lebensmittelchem, D-30453 Hannover, Germanypt_BR
unicamp.authordos Prazeres, Janaina N. Simiqueli, Ana P. Pastore, Glaucia M. Univ Estadual Campinas, Fac Engn Alimentos, Lab Bioaromas, BR-13083 Campinas, SP, Brazilpt_BR
unicamp.authordos Prazeres, Janaina N. Simiqueli, Ana P. Pastore, Glaucia M. Univ Dortmund, AG Tech Biochem, D-44221 Dortmund, Germanypt_BR
unicamp.authordos Prazeres, Janaina N. Simiqueli, Ana P. Pastore, Glaucia M. Helmholtz Zentrum Infekt Forsch, D-38124 Braunschweig, Germanypt_BR
dc.subjectalkaline lipasept_BR
dc.subjectfoam fractionationpt_BR
dc.subjectFusarium spec.pt_BR
dc.subjectactivity stainingpt_BR
dc.subject.wosProtein Recoverypt_BR
dc.subject.wosBubble Separationpt_BR
dc.description.abstractFoam fractionation was used to concentrate and to purify extracellular alkaline lipases produced by Fusarium spec. in submerged cultures supplemented with Tween 80. Gas flow rate and pH-value proved to be crucial process parameters. Maximum recovery rates of lipolytic activity were obtained at 60 mL min(-1) N2 and pH 8.5. Under these conditions, > 90% of the total lipase activity was recovered in the foam with enrichment and purification factors of 8.8 and 5.9. respectively. The secreted lipases were characterized biochemically by means of IEF electrophoresis with activity staining and electrospray tandem mass
dc.relation.ispartofFresenius Environmental Bulletinpt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofabbreviationFresenius Environ. Bull.pt_BR
dc.publisherParlar Scientific Publications (p S P)pt_BR
dc.identifier.citationFresenius Environmental Bulletin. Parlar Scientific Publications (p S P), v. 16, n. 11B, n. 1503, n. 1508, 2007.pt_BR
dc.sourceWeb of Sciencept_BR
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