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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Total body zinc depletion and its relationship to the development of hyperprolactinemia in chronic renal insufficiency
Author: Caticha, O
Norato, DYJ
Tambascia, MA
Santana, A
Stephanou, A
Sarlis, NJ
Abstract: Modulation of free plasma zinc levels has been implicated in the increase in plasma prolactin levels seen in patients with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI). The relative importance of this mechanism in comparison to others, however, has not been elucidated. Zinc equilibrium between plasma and red blood cells is partly dependent upon red blood cell carbonic anhydrase (CA). In the present paper, we have investigated the interrelationships among total plasma zinc, leukocyte zinc, prolactin, and erythrocyte CA in patients with CRI. Uremic patients were shown to have significantly increased levels of plasma prolactin and erythrocyte CA activity when compared to normal controls, Moreover, red blood cell CA total concentration and isoenzyme-l and -II levels, as well as plasma zinc were found to be significantly decreased in uremic patients in comparison to normal controls. In patients with CRI, a negative correlation was demonstrated between erythrocyte CA catalytic activity and plasma zinc, as well as between plasma zinc and plasma prolactin levels. Moreover, leukocyte zinc content, which is a reliable indicator of total body zinc stores, was found to be significantly decreased in uremic patients when compared to normal controls. A strong negative correlation between leukocyte zinc content and plasma prolactin levels was documented in CRI patients. Our results suggest that alterations in erythrocyte CA levels, enzymatic activity or isoenzyme profile are most probably mechanistically and etiologically unrelated to the high plasma prolactin levels in CRI patients. Contrariwise, depletion of total body zinc stores, rather than redistribution of this trace metal among extracellular compartments, may represent one of the major contributing mechanisms leading to uremic hyperprolactinemia.
Subject: carbonic anhydrase
chronic renal insufficiency failure
trace element
Country: Itália
Editor: Editrice Kurtis S R L
Citation: Journal Of Endocrinological Investigation. Editrice Kurtis S R L, v. 19, n. 7, n. 441, n. 448, 1996.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 1996
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