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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Effect of a leucine-supplemented diet on body composition changes in pregnant rats bearing Walker 256 tumor
Author: Ventrucci, G
Mello, MAR
Gomes-Marcondes, MCC
Abstract: Cancer patients present high mobilization of host protein, with a decrease in lean body mass and body fat depletion occurring in parallel to neoplastic growth. Since leucine is one of the principal amino acids used by skeletal muscle for energy, we investigated the changes in body composition of pregnant tumor-bearing rats after a leucine-supplemented diet. Sixty pregnant Wistar rats divided into six groups were fed a normal protein diet (18%, N) or a leucine-supplemented diet (3% L-leucine, L). The pregnant groups were: control (CN), Walker 256 carcinoma-bearing rats (WN), control rats pair-fed with tumor-bearing rats (pfN), leucine-supplemented (CL), leucine-supplemented tumor-bearing (WL), and leucine-supplemented rats pair-fed with tumor-bearing rats (pfL). At the end of pregnancy, all animals were sacrificed and body weight and tumor and fetal weight were determined. The carcasses were then analyzed for water, fat and total, collagen and non-collagen nitrogen content. Carcass weight was reduced in the WN, WL, pfN and pfL groups compared to control. The lean body mass and total carcass nitrogen were reduced in both tumor-bearing groups. Despite tumor growth and a decrease in fetal weight, there was a slight decrease in collagen (7%) and non-collagen nitrogen (8%) in the WL group compared with the WN group which showed a decrease of 8 and 12%, respectively. Although the WL group presented severe tumor growth effects, total carcass nitrogen and noncollagen nitrogen were particularly higher in this leucine-supplemented group compared to the WN group. These data suggest that the leucine-supplemented diet had a beneficial effect, probably attenuating body wasting.
Subject: walker 256 tumor
body composition
carcass nitrogen
diet supplementation
Country: Brasil
Editor: Assoc Bras Divulg Cientifica
Citation: Brazilian Journal Of Medical And Biological Research. Assoc Bras Divulg Cientifica, v. 34, n. 3, n. 333, n. 338, 2001.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X2001000300006
Date Issue: 2001
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