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Type: Artigo
Title: Chromosome connective filaments : DNA and RNA syntheses and macromolecular stereo-arrangement
Author: Almeida, J. C.
Vidal, B. C.
Mello, M. L. S.
Abstract: The potentiality for replication and transcription oi the DNA and lhe macromolecular orientation of lhe nucleoprotein complex were investigated in polytene chromosome connectives through autoradiography and anisotropy analyses. Both RNA and DNA syntheses could be demonstrated and the RNA was detected as decreasing the linear dichroism and the optical path differences values of the curves of anomalous dispersion of the bireiringence ; these phenomena were evaluated ai ter staining with a toluidine blue solution at pH 4.0. In this work anisotropical [indings are a function of the stereo-arrangement oi the DNA phosphates (unattached to proteins) which is responsible for stacking the dye molecules with a helical oriented conformation. Some differences [ound when anisotropical properties oi chromosome connectives of Bradysia hygida and Rhynchosciara americana are compared to each other are assumed as being due to different amounts oi DNA-bound RNA, DNA conjormations and nuclear ditjererüiation as lhe larvae develop
Subject: Replicação do DNA
Cromossomos gigantes
Azul de toluidina
Dicroísmo linear
Country: França
Editor: Societe Francaise d' Histochimie
Citation: Annales D Histochimie. Gauthier-villars, v. 19, n. 1, n. 35, n. 45, 1974.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 1974
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