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2012Magnetic fabric of Araguainha complex impact structure (Central Brazil): Implications for deformation mechanisms and central uplift formationYokoyama, E.; Trindade, R. I. F.; Lana, C.; Souza Filho, C. R.; Baratoux, D.; Marangoni, Y. R.; Tohver, E.-Artigo
2012Mapping an uncertainty zone between interpolated types of a categorical variableYamamoto, J. K.; Mao, X. M.; Koike, K.; Crosta, A. P.; Landim, P. M. B.; Hu, H. Z.; Wang, C. Y.; Yao, L. Q.-Artigo
2015The neoproterozoic Ceara Group, Ceara central domain, NE Brazil: Depositional age and provenance of detrital material. New insights from UePb and SmeNd geochronologyArthaud, M.H.; Fuck, R. A.; Dantas, E. L.; Santos, T. J. S.; Caby, R.; Armstrong, R.-Artigo
2012Insights into the morphology of the Serra da Cangalha impact structure from geophysical modelingVasconcelos, M. A. R.; Wuennemann, K.; Crosta, A. P.; Molina, E. C.; Reimold, W. U.; Yokoyama, E.-Artigo
2017Spatial Analysis Of Mineral Deposit Distribution: A Review Of Methods And Implications For Structural Controls On Iron Oxide-copper-gold Mineralization In Carajas, BrazilPaulo Miguel Haddad-Martim; Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho; Emmanuel John M.Carranza-Artigo
2017Progress On Empirical Mode Decomposition-based Techniques And Its Impacts On Seismic Attribute AnalysisBruno César Zanardo Honório, Marcílio Castro de Matos, Alexandre Campane Vidal-Artigo
2012Hummocky cross-stratification-like structures and combined-flow ripples in the Punta Negra Formation (Lower-Middle Devonian, Argentine Precordillera): a turbiditic deep-water or storm-dominated prodelta inner-shelf system?Giorgio Basilici; Pedro Henrique Vieira de Luca; Daniel G. Poiré-Artigo
2016Stratigraphic framework and evolution of the Cretaceous continentalsequences of the Bauru, Sanfranciscana, and Parecis basins, BrazilAlessandro Batezelli, Francisco Sergio Bernardes Ladeira-Artigo
2016Investigating the capability of WorldView-3 superspectral data for direct hydrocarbon detectionSaeid Asadzadeh; Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho-Artigo
2014Calculating radiant flux from thermally mixed pixels using a spectral librarySamuel William Murphy; Clive Oppenheimer; Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho-Artigo