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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2012Identification of twinned gas phase clusters by single-shot scattering with intense soft x-ray pulsesRupp, D.; Adolph, M.; Gorkhover, T.; Schorb, S.; Wolter, D.; Hartmann, R.; Kimmel, N.; Reich, C.; Feigl, T.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Treusch, R.; Struder, L.; Moller, T.; Bostedt, C.-Artigo
2015Mid-infrared optical frequency combs based on difference frequency generation for molecular spectroscopyCruz, Flavio C.; Maser, Daniel L.; Johnson, Todd; Ycas, Gabriel; Klose, Andrew; Giorgetta, Fabrizio R.; Coddington, Ian; Diddams, Scott A.-Artigo
2003Observing negligible collision trap losses: the case of alkaline-earth metalsCavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2005Dependence of transition probabilities for non-linear photo-ionization of He atoms on the structure of the exciting radiation pulsesCastro, A. Rubens B. de; Moeller, Thomas; Wabnitz, H.; Laarmann, T.-Artigo
2008Broadband 2.12 GHz Ti : sapphire laser compressed to 5.9 femtoseconds using MIIPSNogueira, Giovana T.; Xu, Bingwei; Coelho, Yves; Dantus, Marcos; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2008Asynchronous encrypted information transmission with sub-6 fs laser system at 2.12 GHz repetition rateXu, Bingwei; Coelho, Yves; Nogueira, Giovana T.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Dantus, Marcos-Artigo
2006Efficient 1 GHz Ti : sapphire laser with improved broadband continuum in the infraredNogueira, Giovana T.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2003Two-photon doppler cooling of alkaline-earth-metal and ytterbium atomsMagno, Wictor C.; Cavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2006High resolution atomic coherent control via spectral phase manipulation of an optical frequency combStowe, Matthew C.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Marian, Adela; Ye, Jun-Artigo
2008Multistep ionization of argon clusters in intense femtosecond extreme ultraviolet pulsesBostedt, C.; Thomas, H.; Hoener, M.; Eremina, E.; Fennel, T.; Meiwes-Broer, K.H.; Wabnitz, H.; Kuhlmann, M.; Ploenjes, E.; Tiedtke, K.; Treusch, R.; Feldhaus, J.; Castro, A. R. B. de; Moller, T.-Artigo