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2016Altered Left Ventricular Diastolic Function In Subjects With Spinal Cord InjuryDe Rossi; JR; Zacharias; LGT; Cirillo; W; Nadruz; W; Souza; JRMJR-Resenha
2016Pcp190 Satellite Dna In Paradoxical Frogs And Its Relationship With Sex Chromosome DifferentiationMattos; JV; Gatto; KP; Seger; KR; Lourenco; LB-Resenha
2016Cytogeography Of Psidium Cattleianum Sabine (myrtaceae)Machado; RM; Forni-Martins; ER-Resenha
2016Nonconventional Renewable Energy Governance In Brazil: Lessons To Learn From The German Experiencede Melo; CA; Jannuzzi; GD; Bajay; SV-Resenha
2016Physical Activity Improved Diastolic Function In Spinal Cord-injured SubjectsDe Rossi; G; Zacharias; LGT; Cirillo; W; Nadruz; W; Souza; JRMJR-Resenha
2016Distribution Of Repetitive Dna Sequences In Seven Species Of The Plant Family Solanaceae JussMesquita; AT; da Cruz; MVR; Martins; ERF-Resenha
2016Domestication And Repetitive Dna Genome Fraction In Capsicum Chinenseda Cruz; MVR; Vaio; M; Martins; ERF-Resenha
2016Bisphosphonates: Pharmacokinetics, Bioavailability, Mechanisms Of Action, Clinical Applications In Children, And Effects On Tooth DevelopmentSoares; AP; Santo; RFD; Line; SRP; Pinto; MDF; Santos; PD; Toralles; MBP; Santo; ARD-Resenha
2016Fourier Transform-infrared (ft-ir) Microspectroscopy Of Chromatin Dna From Valproic Acid-treated Hela CellsVeronezi; GMB; Felisbino; MB; Mello; MLS; Vidal; BC-Resenha
2016Drugs In Early Clinical Development For Systemic Lupus ErythematosusPostal; M; Sinicato; NA; Appenzeller; S; Niewold; TB-Resenha