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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2007The Author's Reply [4]Igliori G.C.; Damasceno B.P.-Carta
2007Artemisia Annua As A Herbal Tea For MalariaWilcox M.; Falquet J.; Ferreira J.F.S.; Gilbert B.; Hsu E.; de Magalhaes P.M.; Plaizier-Vercammen J.; Sharma V.P.; Wright C.W.; Yaode W.-Carta
2007Low-strength Trichloroacetic Acid In The Treatment Of Rosacea [25]Auada-Souto M.P.; Velho P.E.-Carta
2007Efficacy Of New Microprocessed Phototherapy System With Five High Intensity Light Emitting Diodes (super Led) [3] [avaliação Da Eficácia Clínica De Uma Nova Modalidade De Fototerapia Utilizando Diodos Emissores De Luz]Facchini F.P.-Carta
2007Autors' Reply [2] [resposta Dos Autores]Leite M.D.G.D.C.; Facchini F.P.-Carta
2007Predictors Of Insight In Psychotic InpatientsDantas C.R.; Banzato C.E.M.-Carta
2007Linear Psoriasis In Brazilian Children And Hla Haplotypes [22]Magalhaes R.F.; Velho P.E.N.F.; de Moraes A.M.; Cintra M.L.; Biral A.C.; Kraemer M.H.S.; de Souza E.M.-Carta
2007Author Reply [2]Arrivabene Caruy C.A.-Carta
2007The Impact Of Gender In Differentiated Thyroid Cancer [1]Ward L.S.; Assumpcao L.V.M.-Carta
2007Re: 'clinical Evaluation Of Composite And Compomer Restorations In Primary Teeth: 24-month Results' [f.m. Pascon, K.r. Kantovitz, A.s. Caldo-teixeira, A.f. Borges, T.n. Silva, R.m. Puppin-rontani, F. Garcia-godoy, J. Dent. 34 (2006) 381-388]Pascon F.M.; Kantovitz K.R.; Caldo-Teixeira A.S.; Borges A.F.S.; Silva T.N.; Puppin-Rontani R.M.; Garcia-Godoy F.-Carta