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2005Puncture Wounds By Driftwood Catfish During Bucket Baths: Local Habits Of Riverside People And Fish Natural History In The Amazon.Sazima, Ivan; Zuanon, Jansen; Haddad, Vidal-Artigo de periódico
2005Familial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy With Auditory Features.Cendes, Fernando; Kobayashi, Eliane; Lopes-Cendes, Iscia-Artigo de periódico
2005Acute Myocardial Infarction In Sickle Cell Disease: A Possible Complication Of Hydroxyurea Treatment.Fattori, André; de Souza, Robenílson Almeida; Saad, Sara Terezinha Olalla; Costa, Fernando Ferreira-Artigo de periódico
2005High Frequency Of Human Cytomegalovirus Dna In The Liver Of Infants With Extrahepatic Neonatal Cholestasis.De Tommaso, Adriana M A; Andrade, Paula D; Costa, Sandra C B; Escanhoela, Cecília A F; Hessel, Gabriel-Artigo de periódico
2005Auditory Neurotoxicity And Hepatotoxicity After Msma (monosodium Methanarsenate) High Dose Oral Intake.De Capitani, E M; Vieira, R J; Madureira, P R; Mello, S M; Kira, C S; Soubhia, P C; Toledo, A S-Artigo de periódico
2005Effect Of A Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gel Containing Calcium Or Fluoride On Human Enamel Surface Oliveira, Rogério; Paes Leme, Adriana Franco; Giannini, Marcelo-Artigo de periódico
2005Twelve Years Of The Brazilian External Quality Assessment Program In Immunohematology: Benefits Of The Program.Melo, Laércio; Pellegrino, Jordão; Bianco, Celso; Castilho, Lilian-Artigo de periódico
2005Visual Evaluation Of In Vitro Cariostatic Effect Of Restorative Materials Associated With Dentifrices.Rodrigues, José Augusto; Marchi, Giselle Maria; Serra, Mônica Campos; Hara, Anderson Takeo-Artigo de periódico
2005Effect Of Cytokines And Chemokines On Sickle Neutrophil Adhesion To Fibronectin.Assis, Angêla; Conran, Nicola; Canalli, Andreia A; Lorand-Metze, Irene; Saad, Sara T O; Costa, Fernando F-Artigo de periódico
2005High Frequency Of Fredrickson's Phenotypes Iv And Iib In Brazilians Infected By Human Immunodeficiency Virus.Albuquerque, Edilma M V; de Faria, Eliana C; Oliveira, Helena C F; Magro, Daniela O; Castilho, Lucia N-Artigo de periódico