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2004Mechanisms Of Silicon Nitride Etching By Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasmas Using Sf6- And Nf3-based Gas MixturesReyes-Betanzo C.; Moshkalyov S.A.; Ramos A.C.S.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004Carbon Nanotubes Growth By Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Thin Film Nickel CatalystMoshkalyov S.A.; Moreau A.L.D.; Guttierrez H.R.; Cotta M.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de periódico
2004Micro-raman Stress Characterization Of Polycrystalline Silicon Films Grown At High TemperatureTeixeira R.C.; Doi I.; Zakia M.B.P.; Diniz J.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de periódico
2004High Performance Active Pixel Sensors Fabricated In A Standard 2.0 μm Cmos TechnologyMestanza S.N.M.; Jimenez H.G.; IFSilva; Diniz J.A.; Doi I.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004Grabado Anisotrópico De Silicio Para Aplicación En Micromaquinado Usando Plasmas De Sf6/ch4/o2/ar Y Sf6/cf4/o2/arReyes-Betanzo C.; Moshkalyov S.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de periódico
2004Silicon Oxynitride Gate-dielectric Made By Ecr Plasma OxynitridationManera G.A.; Diniz J.A.; Moshkalyov S.A.; Doi I.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004Uncooled Thermal Infrared Detector For Detection Of Far-infrared RadiationNeli R.R.; Doi I.; Melo A.M.; Arbex C.J.N.; Zakia M.B.P.; Kaufmann P.; Diniz J.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004High Sensitivity Obtained By Three-color Detector Aps-cmos Using Antireflective CoatingMestanza S.N.M.; Biasotto C.; Costa A.C.; Dias G.O.; Doi I.; Diniz J.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004Study Of Carbon Nanotubes Growth By Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor DepositionVerissimo C.; Moshkalyov S.A.; Ramos A.C.S.; Goncalves J.L.; Leon J.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento
2004Selective Etching Of Polycrystalline Silicon In A Hexode Type Plasma EtcherVieira R.; Martarello V.; Moshkalyov S.A.; Diniz J.A.; Swart J.W.-Artigo de evento