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2005Low-dose Ethinylestradiol/levonorgestrelBahamondes L.; Kaunitz A.M.-Nota
2004"high Doses Of Riboflavin And The Elimination Of Dietary Red Meat Promote The Recovery Of Some Motor Functions In Parkinson's Disease Patients. C.g. Coimbra And V.b.c. Junqueira. Brazilian Journal Of Medical And Biological Research, 36: 1409-1417, 2003"Ferraz H.B.; Quagliato E.A.B.; Rieder C.R.M.; Silva D.J.; Teive H.A.G.; Barbosa E.R.; Cardoso F.; Limongi J.C.P.; Bezerra J.M.F.; Andrade L.A.F.; Allam N.; Prado R.C.P.; Tumas V.; Coimbra C.G.-Nota
2009What Would Be The Three Key Preconditions For Jumpstarting Or Scaling Up The Transfer Of Environmentally Sound Technologies For Climate Change To Developing Countries?Mog J.; Kersten W.; Rahaman M.M.; Keskinen M.; Downs T.J.; Wahid S.; Martins R.D.; Connor H.; Williamson L.E.; Moezzi M.; Houri A.; Kumar B.; Hiremath R.B.; Scholtens B.; Ajayi O.C.; Akinnifesi F.K.; Sileshi G.; Somorin O.A.-Nota
2005Comment On "contaminants In Suspended Gold Chains: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study"Hobi E.; Da Silva A.J.R.; Novaes F.D.; Da Silva E.Z.; Fazzio A.; Legoas S.B.; Rodrigues V.; Ugarte D.; Galvao D.S.-Nota
2005Comment On "a/[110] Stacking Fault Model For Platelets In Diamond"Jones R.; Heggie M.I.; Goss J.P.; Miranda C.R.; Antonelli A.; Nunes R.W.-Nota
2004Characteristics Of Insignificant Clinical T1c Prostate Tumors. A Contemporary Analysis. Editorial CommentBillis A.-Nota
2004Characterization Of Minute Adenocarcinomas Of Prostate At Radical Prostatectomy. Editorial CommentBillis A.-Nota
2004Solidificação: A Gênese Dos Produtos MetálicosGarcia A.-Nota
2001Visualisation As A Tool To Help Multicomponent Non-ideal System Characterisation And Application To Complex Distillation ProcessesMartini R.F.; Wolf-Maciel M.R.; McGreavy C.-Nota
2001Optimization And Control Of Heterogeneous Azeotropic Batch DistillationVasconcelos C.J.G.; Xavier P.F.; Broglio M.I.; Wolf-Maciel M.R.-Nota