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2009Goodness-of-fit Of The Fractal Dimension As A Prognostic FactorMetze K.; Lorand-Metze I.; Leite N.J.; Adam R.L.-Carta
2009Arcanobacterium Pyogenes Sepsis In Farmer, BrazilLevy C.E.; Pedro R.J.; Von Nowakonski A.; Holanda L.M.; Brocchi M.; Ramos M.C.-Carta
2004Long-standing Idiopathic Hypoparathyroidism Masking Coexistent Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy [2]Franca Jr. M.C.; De Castro R.; De Oliveira M.F.; Garibaldi S.G.; Nucci A.; De Souza Queiroz L.; Kraemer M.H.S.-Carta
2004Sporothrix Schenckii Infection Mimicking Sarcoidosis [5]Singh M.F.B.; Fernandes S.R.M.; Samara A.M.-Carta
2004To: Gardiner Ta, Anderson Hr, Degenhardt T Et Al. (2003) Prevention Of Retinal Capillary Basement Membrane Thickening In Diabetic Dogs By A Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug. Diabetologia 46:1269-1275 [6]Biswas S.K.; Lopes De Faria J.B.-Carta
2004A Polymorphism In The Angiogenesis Inhibitor, Endostatin, In Sporadic Colorectal Adenocarcinoma [2]Nascimento H.; Rodrigues Coy C.S.; Navarro Goes J.R.; Ferreira Costa F.; Passos Lima C.S.-Carta
2009Genome Rearrangements In Patients With Blepharophimosis, Mental Retardation And Hypothyroidism, So-called Young-simpson SyndromeBrancati F.; Bernardini L.; Cavalcanti D.P.; Romano C.; Novelli A.; Dallapiccola B.-Carta
2009Is There A Reliable Minimum Number Of Lymph Nodes For T1 And T2 Colon Cancer?Metze K.; Adam R.L.-Carta
2009Relationship Between Motor Function And Cognitive Performance [relación Entre La Función Motora Y El Rendimiento Cognitivo]Bobbio T.G.; Gabbard C.; Goncalves V.M.G.; Barros-Filho A.A.; Morcillo A.M.-Carta
2009Early Cardiac Iron Overload In Children With Transfusion-dependent AnemiasFernandes J.L.; Fabron Jr. A.; Verissimo M.-Carta