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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016The Political Solidarity Networks In Latin America [as Redes Políticas De Solidariedade Na América Latina]--Resenha
2016The Human And The Inhuman: Visual Culture, Political Culture, And The Images Produced By George Rodger And Henri Cartier-bresson In The Nazi Concentration Camps [o Humano E O Desumano: Cultura Visual, Cultura Política E As Imagens Feitas Por George Rodger E Henri Cartier-bresson Nos Campos De Concentração Nazistas]--Resenha
2016Desencontro do médico com o paciente: o que pensam os médicos?Souza; José Carlos; Rezende; Ceny Longhi; Carvalho; Anderson Borges de; Grubits; Heloísa Bruna-Resenha
2016Dna Crystals Exhibit A Twisted-grain-boundary-columnar (tgbc) TextureVidal; BD-Resenha
2016Terms Of Endearment: Bacteria Meet Graphene NanosurfacesTegou; E; Magana; M; Katsogridaki; AE; Ioannidis; A; Raptis; V; Jordan; S; Chatzipanagiotou; S; Chatzandroulis; S; Ornelas; C; Tegos; GP-Resenha
2016Sweat Test: A Descriptive Analysis In A Reference CenterFaria; AGFG; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; AF; Gomez; CCS; Servidoni; MD; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Nanodevices For The Immobilization Of Therapeutic Enzymes--Resenha
2016Genetics And Metabolic Deregulation Following Cancer Initiation: A World To Explore--Resenha
2016Review Of Shakespeare's Hamlet (directed By Dominic Dromgoole And Bill Buckhurst For The Globe To Globe Project) At Teatro Paulo Autran – Sesc Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2014--Resenha
2016Nanobiotechnology Of Carbon Dots: A Review--Resenha