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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2012SIS: a program to generate draft genome sequence scaffolds for prokaryotesDias, Zanoni; Dias, Ulisses; Setubal, Joao C.-Artigo de periódico
2019Super short operations on both gene order and intergenic sizesOliveira, Andre R.; Jean, Geraldine; Fertin, Guillaume; Dias, Ulisses; Dias, Zanoni-Artigo
2019Sorting by weighted reversals and transpositionsOliveira, Andre Rodrigues; Brito, Klairton Lima; Dias, Zanoni; Dias, Ulisses-Artigo
2019On the complexity of sorting by reversals and transpositions problemsOliveira, Andre Rodrigues; Brito, Klairton Lima; Dias, Ulisses; Dias, Zanoni-Artigo
2020Sorting by genome rearrangements on both gene order and intergenic sizesBrito, Klairton Lima; Jean, Geraldine; Fertin, Guillaume; Oliveira, Andre Rodrigues; Dias, Ulisses; Dias, Zanoni-Artigo
2019Toward subjective violence detection in videosPeixoto, Bruno; Lavi, Bahram; Martin, João Paulo Pereira; Avila, Sandra; Dias, Zanoni; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2019Hierarchical clustering-based graphs for large scale approximate nearest neighbor searchMunoz, Javier Vargas; Goncalves, Marcos A.; Dias, Zanoni; Torres, Ricardo da S.-Artigo
2017New dissimilarity measures for image phylogeny reconstructionCosta, Filipe; Oliveira, Alberto; Ferrara, Pasquale; Dias, Zanoni; Goldenstein, Siome; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2016Multiple parenting phylogeny relationships in digital imagesOliveira, Alberto A. de; Ferrara, Pasquale; De Rosa, Alessia; Piva, Alessandro; Barni, Mauro; Goldenstein, Siome; Dias, Zanoni; Rocha, Anderson-Artigo
2016Distances In Multimedia PhylogenyOikawa, Marina A.; Dias, Zanoni; Rocha, Anderson; Goldenstein, Siome-Artigo