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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2003Experimentally induced heat- and cold-shock tolerance in adult Panstrongylus megistus (Burmeister) (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)Garcia, S. L.; Garcia, N. L.; Oliveira, L. R.; Rodrigues, V. L. C. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1990Endopolyploidy in follicle epithelial cells around the nurse chamber during oogenesis In Chrysomya putoria (Diptera, Calliphoridae)Avancini, R. M. P.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
2005Eye pigments of the blood-sucking insect, Triatoma infestans klug (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)Moraes, A. S.; Pimentel, E. R.; Rodrigues, V. L. C. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1996Apoptosis: identification by a critical electrolyte concentration methodVidal, B. C.; Barbisan, L. F.; Maria, S. S.; Russo, J.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1987Polyploidization of the BTC-32 cell line from Triatoma infestans (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)Mello, M. L. S.; Pudney, M.-Artigo
1974Chromosome connective filaments: DNA and RNA syntheses and macromolecular stereo-arrangementAlmeida, J. C.; Vidal, B. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
2005Supramolecular order following binding of the dichroic birefringent sulfonic dye Ponceau SS to collagen fibersVidal, B. C.; Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1987Effect of some enzymes, chemicals and insecticides on the macromolecular structure of the froth of the spittlebug, the cercopid Deois sp.Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo
1978Computer analysis of stained chromatin on Malpighian tubes of Triatoma infestans Klug (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)Mello, M. L. S.-Artigo