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Type: Artigo
Title: On the quantitative phase analysis and amorphous content of triacylglycerols materials by X-ray Rietveld method
Author: Calligaris, Guilherme A.
Silva, Thais L. T. da
Ribeiro, Ana Paula B.
Santos, Adenilson O. dos
Cardoso, Lisandro P.
Abstract: The characterization of fat components becomes very useful for formulation of shortening, margarines and fat products due to their unique properties of plasticity, texture, solubility, and aeration. However, X-ray diffraction experiments on such materials are usually limited to a qualitative evaluation of the polymorphic properties based only on the characteristic d-spacing peak intensities. In this work, interesting results based on the Rietveld Method have supported both a Quantitative Phase Analysis and Degree of Crystallinity study on industrial and academic appealing samples, such as triacylglycerol standards, fully hydrogenated vegetable oils (hardfats) and cocoa butter. This useful approach to the area of oils and fats can provide valuable information about the polymorphism and its relationship to the application of lipid materials in food science and technology. Here, the discrimination between beta and beta' polymorphs on samples made of mixtures or blended hardfats was attained, and the results have shown a relevant contrast in comparison to a purely qualitative approach. Assessment of amorphous content on cocoa butter samples was achieved by isolating its contribution from the total X-ray diffraction background via mathematical tools during the whole pattern fitting.
Subject: Rietveld, Método de
Análise quantitativa
Polimorfismo (Cristalografia)
Raios X - Difração
Rietveld method
Quantitative analysis
Polymorphism (Crystallography)
X-rays - Diffraction
Country: Irlanda
Editor: Elsevier
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphyslip.2018.01.003
Date Issue: 2018
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