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Type: Artigo
Title: Chitosan Nanoparticles As Carrier Systems For The Plant Growth Hormone Gibberellic Acid
Author: Santo Pereira
Anderson Espirito; Silva
Paula Mayara; Oliveira
Jhones Luis; Oliveira
Halley Caixeta; Fraceto
Leonardo Fernandes
Abstract: This work concerns the development of nanocarriers composed of alginate/chitosan (ALG/CS) and chitosan/tripolyphosphate (CS/TPP) for the plant growth regulator gibberellic acid (GA(3)). ALG/CS nanoparticles with and without GA(3) presented mean size of 450 10nm, polydispersity index (PDI) of 0.3, zeta potential of -29 +/- 0.5 mV, concentrations of 1.52 x 10(11) and 1.92 x 10(11) nanoparticles mL(-1), respectively, and 100% encapsulation efficiency. CS/TPP nanoparticles with and without GA(3) presented mean size of 195 +/- 1 nm, PDI of 0.3, zeta potential of +27 +/- 3 mV, concentrations of 1.92 x 10(12) and 3.54 x 10(12) nanoparticles mL(-1), respectively, and 90% encapsulation efficiency. The nanoparticles were stable during 60 days and the two systems differed in terms of the release mechanism, with the release depending on factors such as pH and temperature. Bioactivity assays using Phaseolus vulgaris showed that the ALG/CS-GA(3) nanoparticles were most effective in increasing leaf area and the levels of chlorophylls and carotenoids. The systems developed showed good potential, providing greater stability and efficiency of this plant hormone in agricultural applications. (C) 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Subject: Polymeric Nanoparticles
Plant Growth Regulator
Gibberellic Acid
Sustainable Agriculture
Editor: Elsevier Science BV
Citation: Colloids And Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. Elsevier Science Bv, v. 150, p. 141 - 152, 2017.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1016/j.colsurfb.2016.11.027
Date Issue: 2017
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