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Type: Artigo
Title: Search For Sterile Neutrinos Mixing With Muon Neutrinos In Minos
Author: Adamson
P.; Anghel
I.; Aurisano
A.; Barr
G.; Bishai
M.; Blake
A.; Bock
G. J.; Bogert
D.; Cao
S. V.; Carroll
T. J.; Castromonte
C. M.; Chen
R.; Childress
S.; Coelho
J. A. B.; Corwin
L.; Cronin-Hennessy
D.; de Jong
J. K.; De Rijck
S.; Devan
A. V.; Devenish
N. E.; Diwan
M. V.; Escobar
C. O.; Evans
J. J.; Falk
E.; Feldman
G. J.; Flanagan
W.; Frohne
M. V.; Gabrielyan
M.; Gallagher
H. R.; Germani
S.; Gomes
R. A.; Goodman
M. C.; Gouffon
P.; Graf
N.; Gran
R.; Grzelak
K.; Habig
A.; Hahn
S. R.; Hartnell
J.; Hatcher
R.; Holin
A.; Huang
J.; Hylen
J.; Irwin
G. M.; Isvan
Z.; James
C.; Jensen
D.; Kafka
T.; Kasahara
S. M. S.; Koizumi
G.; Kordosky
M.; Kreymer
A.; Lang
K.; Ling
J.; Litchfield
P. J.; Lucas
P.; Mann
W. A.; Marshak
M. L.; Mayer
N.; McGivern
C.; Medeiros
M. M.; Mehdiyev
R.; Meier
J. R.; Messier
M. D.; Miller
W. H.; Mishra
S. R.; Sher
S. Moed; Moore
C. D.; Mualem
L.; Musser
J.; Naples
D.; Nelson
J. K.; Newman
H. B.; Nichol
R. J.; Nowak
J. A.; O'Connor
J.; Orchanian
M.; Pahlka
R. B.; Paley
J.; Patterson
R. B.; Pawloski
G.; Perch
A.; Pfuetzner
M. M.; Phan
D. D.; Phan-Budd
S.; Plunkett
R. K.; Poonthottathil
N.; Qiu
X.; Radovic
A.; Rebel
B.; Rosenfeld
C.; Rubin
H. A.; Sail
P.; Sanchez
M. C.; Schneps
J.; Schreckenberger
A.; Schreiner
P.; Sharma
R.; Sousa
A.; Tagg
N.; Talaga
R. L.; Thomas
J.; Thomson
M. A.; Tian
X.; Timmons
A.; Todd
J.; Tognini
S. C.; Toner
R.; Torretta
D.; Tzanakos
G.; Urheim
J.; Vahle
P.; Viren
B.; Weber
A.; Webb
R. C.; White
C.; Whitehead
L.; Whitehead
L. H.; Wojcicki
S. G.; Zwaska
Abstract: We report results of a search for oscillations involving a light sterile neutrino over distances of 1.04 and 735 km in a nu(mu)-dominated beam with a peak energy of 3 GeV. The data, from an exposure of 10.56 x 10(20) protons on target, are analyzed using a phenomenological model with one sterile neutrino. We constrain the mixing parameters theta(24) and Delta m(41)(2) and set limits on parameters of the four-dimensional Pontecorvo-Maki-Nakagawa-Sakata matrix, vertical bar U-mu 4 vertical bar(2) and vertical bar U-tau 4 vertical bar(2), under the assumption that mixing between nu(e) and nu(s) is negligible (vertical bar U-e4 vertical bar(2) = 0). No evidence for nu(mu) -> nu(s) transitions is found and we set a world-leading limit on theta(24) for values of Delta m(41)(2) less than or similar to 1 eV(2).
Editor: Amer Physical Soc
College Park, Maryland
Citation: Physical Review Letters. Amer Physical Soc, v. 117, p. , 2016.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.151803
Date Issue: 2016
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