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2014Trends and demands in the solid-liquid equilibrium of lipidic mixturesMaximo, Guilherme J.; Costa, Mariana C.; Coutinho, Joao A. P.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.-Artigo
2014Liquid−liquid equilibrium of aqueous biphasic systems containing ethylene oxide−propylene oxide block copolymers and maltodextrinsMonteiro Filho, Elias S.; Pessôa Filho, Pedro A.; Meirelles, Antonio José A.-Artigo
2014High pressure solid-liquid equilibrium of fatty acid ethyl esters binary systemsCarareto, Natália D. D.; Costa, Mariana C.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.; Pauly, J.-Artigo
2014Generating ionic liquids from ionic solids: an investigation of the melting behavior of binary mixtures of ionic liquidsMaximo, Guilherme J.; Santos, Ricardo J. B. N.; Brandao, Paula; Esperanca, JoséM. S. S.; Costa, Mariana C.; Meirelles, Antonio J. A.; Freire, Mara G.; Coutinho, Joao A. P.-Artigo
2015Bottled water production using the condensed water from a concentrated orange juice plantCoelho, A. L. A.; Paterniani, J. E. S.; Viotto, L. A.; Tocchini, R. P.; Morgano, M. A.; Junqueira, V. C. A.; Padula, M.-Artigo
2016Environmental, energetic and economic evaluation of implementing a supercritical fluid-based nanocellulose production process in a sugarcane biorefineryAlbarelli, J.; Paidosh, A.; Santos, D.; Marechal, F.; Meireles, M.-Artigo
2020Neither 1G nor 2G fuel ethanol: setting the ground for a sugarcane-based biorefinery using an iSUCCELL yeast platformBermejo, Pamela Magalı; Raghavendran, Vijayendran; Gombert, Andreas Karoly-Artigo
2015Effects of high pressure processing on cocoyam, Peruvian carrot, andsweet potato: changes in microstructure, physical characteristics, starch, and drying rateOliveira, Miguel Meirelles de; Tribst, Alline Artigiani Lima; Leite Júnior, Bruno Ricardo de Castro; Oliveira, Rafael Augustus de; Cristianini, Marcelo-Artigo
2018The role of saccharomyces cerevisiae in stabilizing emulsions of hexadecane in aqueous mediaMeirelles, Aureliano Agostinho Dias; Cunha, Rosiane Lopes da; Gombert, Andreas Karoly-Artigo
2018Anaerobiosis revisited: growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae under extremely low oxygen availabilityCosta, Bruno Labate Vale da; Basso, Thiago Olitta; Raghavendran, Vijayendran; Gombert, Andreas Karoly-Artigo
2018Towards high-temperature fuel ethanol production using kluyveromyces marxianus: on the search for plug-in strains for the brazilian sugarcane-based biorefineryMadeira-Jr, José Valdo; Gombert, Andreas Karoly-Artigo
2016Economical analysis of a pressurized fluid-based process applied for phytochemicals recovery in a sustainable biorefinery concept for Brazilian ginseng rootsAlbarelli, J.; Vardanega, R.; Wilkins, N.; Santos, D.; Marechal, F.; Meireles, M.-Artigo
2018Laboratory evolution and physiological analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains dependent on sucrose uptake via the phaseolus vulgaris Suf1 transporterMarques, Wesley Leoricy; Woude, Lara Ninon van der; Luttik, Marijke A. H.; Broek, Marcel van den; Nijenhuis, Janine Margriet; Pronk, Jack T.; Maris, Antonius J. A. van; Mans, Robert; Gombert, Andreas K.-Artigo
2016Ethanol fermentation of cellulosic hydrolysate from sugarcane bagasse to develop stand-alone second generation ethanol plantYamakawa, C.; Rojas, S.; Geraldo, V.; Rivera, E.; Herrera, W.; Bonomi, A.; Rossell, C.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2017A simple scaled down system to mimic the industrial production of first generation fuel ethanol in BrazilRaghavendran, Vijayendran; Basso, Thalita Peixoto; Silva, Juliana Bueno da; Basso, Luiz Carlos; Gombert, Andreas Karoly-Artigo
2017Quantitative physiology and elemental composition of kluyveromyces lactis CBS 2359 during growth on glucose at different specific growth ratesDias, Oscar; Basso, Thiago O.; Rocha, Isabel; Ferreira, Eugenio C.; Gombert, Andreas K.-Artigo
2018Combined engineering of disaccharide transport and phosphorolysis for enhanced ATP yield from sucrose fermentation in saccharomyces cerevisiaeMarques, Wesley Leoricy; Mans, Robert; Henderson, Ryan K.; Marella, Eko Roy; Horst, Jolanda ter; Hulster, Erik de; Poolman, Bert; Daran, Jean-Marc; Pronk, Jack T.; Gombert, Andreas K.; Maris, Antonius J. A. van-Artigo
2017Elimination of sucrose transport and hydrolysis in saccharomyces cerevisiae: a platform strain for engineering sucrose metabolismMarques, Wesley Leoricy; Mans, Robert; Marella, Eko Roy; Cordeiro, Rosa Lorizolla; Broek, Marcel van den; Daran, Jean-Marc G.; Pronk, Jack T.; Gombert, Andreas K.; Maris, Antonius J.A. van-Artigo
2016Stabilization mechanisms of oil-in-water emulsions by saccharomyces cerevisiaeMoreira, Thais Caldas Paiva; Silva, Vanessa Martins da; Gombert, Andreas Karoly; Cunha, Rosiane Lopes da-Artigo
2016Kluyveromyces marxianus as a host for heterologous protein synthesisGombert, Andreas K.; Madeira Jr., José Valdo; Cerdán, María-Esperanza; González-Siso, María-Isabel-Artigo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1077