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2013A social movement to reduce caries prevalence in the worldBonecker, M.; Tenuta, L. M. A.; Junior, G. A. P.; Costa, P. B.; Pitts, N.-Editorial
2016Tongue cancer in the youngde Castro Junior, G.; dos Santos-Silva, A. R.; Aparecida de Azevedo Koike Folgueira, M.; Toporcov, T.-Editorial
2019Incidental findings of implant complications on postimplantation CBCTs : a cross-sectional study-methodological issuesLeandro Nascimento, Eduarda Helena; Oliveira, Matheus Lima; Freitas, Deborah Queiroz-Editorial
2012The dilemma of researchers, the insensibility of policy-makers and the distress of Brazilian dentistry journalsCury, Jaime A.-Editorial
2016Interactions between RAD51 rs1801321 and maternal cigarette smoking as risk factor for nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palateMachado, Renato Assis; Moreira, Helenara Salvati Bertolossi; Aquino, Sibele Nascimento de; Martelli-Junior, Hercilio; Reis, Silvia Regina de Almeida; Persuhn, Darlene Camati; Wu, Tao; Yuan, Yuan; Coletta, Ricardo D.-Editorial
2018Comparison of panoramic radiography and cone beam CT in the assessment of juxta-apical radiolucency-an answer to letter to editorNascimento, E.H.L.; Oenning, A.C.C.; Freire, B.B.; Gaêta-Araujo, H.; Haiter-Neto, F.; Freitas, D.Q.-Editorial
2018Assessment of the mandibular cortical height in patients of different sexes, skeletal classes, and facial types using cone-beam computed tomographyYamasaki, M.C.; Nejaim, Y.; Gomes, A.F.; Brasil, D.M.; Groppo, F.C.; Haiter-Neto, F.-Editorial
2015Swelling of the hard and soft palatesCorrea Pontes, Flavia Sirotheau; de Brito Kato, Alberto Mitsuyuki; de Oliveira Pereira, Maria Eduarda; Rezende, Diogo; Fonseca, Felipe Paiva; Vargas, Pablo Agustin; de Almeida, Oslei Paes; Rebelo Pontes, Helder Antonio-Editorial
2015Neuroepithelial structures associated with neurogenous subgemmal plaque of the tongue: an autopsy findingFonseca, Felipe Paiva; Moreira, Johanna Pamela Latta; Almeida, O. P.; Vargas, Pablo Agustin; Mauad, Thais-Editorial
2016B7‐H3 overexpression in oral cancerColetta, RD; Leme, AFP-Editorial