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2014Paired evaluation of calvarial reconstruction with prototyped titanium implants with and without ceramic coatingToro, Ivan Felizardo Contrera; Munhoz, André Luiz Jardini; Lopes, Eder Socrates Najar; Gilioli, Rovilson; Kharmandayan, Paulo; Lambert, Carlos Salles; Calderoni, Davi Reis; Zavaglia, Cecília Amélia de Carvalho; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2019Dynamic modeling of syngas fermentation in a continuous stirred-tank reactor: multi-response parameter estimation and process optimizationde Medeiros, Elisa M.; Posada, John A.; Noorman, Henk; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2018Integration of microalgae production with industrial biofuel facilities: A critical reviewKlein, Bruno Colling; Bonomi, Antonio; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2020Modeling ethanol production through gas fermentation: a biothermodynamics and mass transfer-based hybrid model for microbial growth in a large-scale bubble column bioreactorBenalcázar, Eduardo Almeida; Noorman, Henk; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Posada, John A.-Artigo
2015Determination of enzyme (cellulase from trichoderma reesei) kinetic parameters in the enzymatic hydrolysis of H2so4-catalyzed hydrothermally pretreated sugarcane bagasse at high-solids loadingTovar, Laura Plazas; Lopes, Emilia Savioli; Wolf Maciel, Maria Regina; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2014Product quality monitoring using extreme learning machines and bat algorithms: a case study in second-generation ethanol productionFarias Jr., Felix S.; Azevedo, Renan A.; Rivera, Elmer C.; Herrera, William E.; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Lima Jr., Luiz P.-Artigo
2014Hydrothermal pretreatment for enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis of seeds of açaí (Euterpe oleracea) and sugar recoveryOliveira, Johnatt A. R.; Komesu, Andrea; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2014Modeling and simulation of poly(L-Lactide) polymerization in batch reactorRefinetti, Davide; Sonzogni, Alessia; Manenti, Flavio; Nascimento Lima, Nadson M.; Linan, Lamia Zuniga; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo
2019Mass and heat integration in ethanol production mills for enhanced process efficiency and exergy-based renewability performanceSilva Ortiz, Pablo A.; Maciel Filho, Rubens; Posada, John-Artigo
2019Low carbon biofuels and the New Brazilian National Biofuel Policy (RenovaBio): a case study for sugarcane mills and integrated sugarcane-microalgae biorefineriesKlein, Bruno Colling; Chagas, Mateus Ferreira; Barbosa Watanabe, Marcos Djun; Bonomi, Antonio; Maciel Filho, Rubens-Artigo