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2015Continuous and semicontinuous reaction systems for high-solids enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosicsQuiroga, A. González; Silvera, A. Bula; Padilla, R. Vasquez; Costa, A. C. da; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2014Plug flow reactor model to analyse operating conditions on the dilute H2SO4-acid hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse at high-solids loadingPlazas Tovar, L.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2016Evaluation of microstructure of açaí seeds biomass untreated and treated with H2SO4 and NaOH by SEM, RDX and FTIROliveira, J. A. R.; Komesu, A.; Martins, L. H.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2015Nitrogen starvation for lipid accumulation in the microalga species Desmodesmus sp.Rios, L. F.; Klein, B. C.; Luz Jr., L. F.; Maciel Filho, R.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.-Artigo
2015Optimizing the polynomial to represent the extended true boiling point curve from high vacuum distillation data using genetic algorithmsCeron Rodriguez, A.; Plazas Tovar, L.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2019Effect of phase transformation on ductility of additively manufactured Co-28Cr-6Mo alloy : an in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study during mechanical testingAntunes, L. H. M.; Hoyos, J. J.; Fonseca, E. B.; Beres, M.; da Silva Farina, P. F.; Lopes, E. S. N.; Jardini, A. L.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2020A study of the residual fermentation sugars influence on an alternative downstream process for first and second-generation lactic acidOliveira, R.A.D.; Komesu, A.; Vaz Rossell, C.E.; Wolf Maciel, M.R.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2018Comparison of growth and lipid accumulation at three different growth regimes with Desmodesmus sp.Ríos, L. F.; Martinez, A.; Klein, B. C.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.; Maciel Filho, R.-Artigo
2015Syngas to higher alcohols using Cu-based catalyst – a simulation approachMiranda, J.; Ponce, G.; Arellano-Garcia, H.; Maciel Filho, R.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.-Artigo
2014Hybrid route to produce acrylic acid from sugarcane molassesBermudez Jaimes, J. H.; Torres Da Silva, B.; Jaimes Figueroa, J. E.; Lunelli, B. H.; Maciel Filho, R.; Wolf Maciel, M. R.; Morita, A. T.; Coutinho, P. L. A.-Artigo