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2017Visualizing The Hidden Activity Of Artificial Neural NetworksRauber; Paulo E.; Fadel; Samuel G.; Falcao; Alexandre X.; Telea; Alexandru C.-Congresso
2017Zinc Supply Impacts On The Relative Expression Of A Metallothionein-like Gene In Coffea Arabica PlantsFerrara Barbosa; Barbara Castanheira; Silva; Samuel Chaves; de Oliveira; Raphael Ricon; Chalfun; Antonio-Congresso
2017Lipid Composition Of The Canine Sperm Plasma Membrane As Markers Of Sperm MotilityLucio; C. F.; Brito; M. M.; Angrimani; D. S. R.; Belaz; K. R. A.; Morais; D.; Zampieri; D.; Losano; J. D. A.; Assumpcao; M. E. O. A.; Nichi; M.; Eberlin; M. N.; Vannucchi; C. I.-Congresso
2017Matrix-assisted Laser Desorption/ionization Imaging Mass Spectrometry For The Spatial Location Of Feline Oviductal ProteinsApparicio; M.; Santos; V. G.; Rocha; D. F. O.; Ferreira; C. R.; Macente; B. I.; Magalhaes; G. M.; Alves; A. E.; Motheo; T. F.; Padilha-Nakaghi; L. C.; Pires-Buttler; E. A.; Luvoni; G. C.; Eberlin; M. N.; Vicente; W. R. R.-Congresso
2017The Challenges Of Ractopamine Use In Meat Production For Export To European Union And RussiaNino; Alfredo M. M.; Granja; Rodrigo H. M. M.; Wanschel; Amarylis C. B. A.; Salerno; Alessandro G.-Congresso
2017Microbial Diversity In Degraded And Non-degraded Petroleum Samples And Comparison Across Oil Reservoirs At Local And Global ScalesSierra-Garcia; Isabel Natalia; Dellagnezze; Bruna M.; Santos; Viviane P.; Chaves B; Michel R.; Capilla; Ramses; Santos Neto; Eugenio V.; Gray; Neil; Oliveira; Valeria M.-Congresso
2017Identified Particle Production In Pp Collisions At Root S=7 And 13 Tev Measured With Alicede Souza; R. Derradi-Congresso
2017Influence Of Matrix Reordering On The Performance Of Iterative Methods For Solving Linear Systems Arising From Interior Point Methods For Linear ProgrammingSilva; Daniele; Velazco; Marta; Oliveira; Aurelio-Congresso
2017A Variation On The Interior Point Method For Linear Programming Using The Continued IterationBerti; Lilian F.; Oliveira; Aurelio R. L.; Ghidini; Carla T. L. S.-Congresso
2017Information Technology And Public Health: Possibilities For Innovation Through Interdisciplinary ActionsFranco de Camargo; Jose Tarcisio; Franco de Camargo; Eliana Anunciato; Veraszto; Estefano Vizconde; Barreto; Gilmar; Zibordi Aceti; Patricia Aparecida; Salvi Junior; Ademir-Congresso