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2008Photoresist Absorption Effect In Holographic RecordingAvila L.F.; Gutierrez-Rivera L.E.; Menezes J.W.; Araujo W.R.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
20082d Photonic Crystal Layers In Antimony-based FilmsMenezes J.W.; Nalin M.; Rodriguez-Esquerre V.F.; Hernandes-Figueroa H.; Braga E.S.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
1996Diffractive Optics Produced By Holography And RieCescato L.; Soares L.L.; Lima C.R.A.; Alves M.A.R.; Braga E.S.-Artigo de evento
2009Photonic Crystals And Plasmonic Structures Recorded By Multi-exposure Of Holographic PatternsMenezes J.W.; Braga E.S.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
2009Plasmonic Structures Fabricated By Interference Lithography For Sensor ApplicationsMenezes J.W.; Nalin M.; Chillcce E.F.; Braga E.S.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
2004Replication Of Diffractive Optical Elements By Injection MoldingCarvalho E.J.; Braga E.S.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
2004Design And Fabrication Of 2d Photonic Crystals By Holographic LithographyQuinonez F.; Rigon E.L.; Cescato L.; Rodriguez-Esquerre V.F.; Hernandez-Figueroa H.-Artigo de evento
2003Progress On Holographic Techniques To Study Photo-chemical Reactions In Solid StateCordeiro C.M.B.; Freschi A.A.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
2006Nanosieves Fabricated By Interference Lithography And ElectroformingGutierrez-Rivera L.E.; De Carvalho E.J.; Da Silva M.A.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento
2013Self Diffraction Holographic Techniques For Investigation Of Photosensitive MaterialsAvila L.F.; Nalin M.; Cescato L.-Artigo de evento