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2016Topochemistry, Optical Anisotropy And Ft-ir Microspectroscopy Of The Cocoon Of Lithurgus Chrysurus (hymenoptera, Megachilidae)Mello, Maria Luiza S.; dos Anjos, Eli Heber M.; Vidal, Benedicto de Campos; Rozen Jr.; Jerome G.-Artigo
2012Contribution of AT-, GC-, and methylated cytidine-rich DNA to chromatin composition in Malpighian tubule cell nuclei of Panstrongylus megistus (hemiptera, Reduviidae)Alvarenga, Elenice M.; Mondin, Mateus; Rodrigues, Vera L.C.C.; Andrade, Larissa M.; Vidal, Benedicto de Campos; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
1999Apoptosis and catastrophic cell death in Benzo[a]pyrene-transformed human breast epithelial cellsBarbisan, Luis Fernando; Mello, Maria Luiza S.; Russo, Jose; Vidal, Benedicto de Campos-Artigo
1974Anisotropy and isoelectrical point determinations on collagen bundles of the rat periodontal fibersMello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, B. C.; Valdrighi, L.-Artigo
2001RNA relocation and persistence of nucleolus-like bodies at mitosis in benzo[a]pyrene-transformed human breast epithelial cells after microcell-mediated transfer of chromosomes 11 and 17Mello, Maria Luiza S.; Lareef, Mohamed H.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Russo, Jose-Artigo
2000Restriction enzyme analysis of DNA methylation in "condensed" chromatin of Ha-ras-transformed NIH 3T3 cellsMello, Maria Luiza S.; Chambers, Ann F.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Planding, Wolfgang; Schenck, Ulrich-Artigo
2016Histone Epigenetic Marks In Heterochromatin And Euchromatin Of The Chagas' Disease Vector, Triatoma InfestansAlvarenga, Elenice M.; Rodrigues, Vera L.C.C.; Moraes, Alberto S.; Naves, Luísa Santos; Mondin, Mateus; Felisbino, Marina B.; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
1998Nuclear and nucleolar image analysis of human breast epithelial cells transformed by benzo[a]pyrene and transfected with the c-Ha-ras oncogeneBarbisan, Luis Fernando; Russo, Jose; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
2013Skin collagen fiber molecular order: a pattern of distributional fiber orientation as assessed by optical anisotropy and image analysisRibeiro, Juliana Fulan; dos Anjos, Eli Heber Martins; Mello, Maria Luiza S.; Vidal, Benedicto de Campos-Artigo
2016Ft-ir Microspectroscopy Of Rat Ear CartilageVidal, Benedicto de Campos; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo