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1998Measurement of the 2p XPS spectra of 4d metals: Nb to SbSiervo, A. de; Landers, R.; Castro, S.G.C. de; Kleiman, G.G.-Artigo
2008Electronic structure and atomic positions of metallic surface alloysCarazzolle, M. F.; Kleiman, G. G.; Landers, R.; Pancotti, A.; Siervo, A. de; Soares, E. A.-Artigo
1998L123M45M45 Auger satellites of the 4d metals: shake-up or coster-kronig?Landers, R.; Siervo, A.; Castro, S.G.C. de; Kleiman, G.G.-Artigo
2009A new ultra-high-vacuum variable temperature and high-magnetic-field X-ray magnetic circular dichroism facility at LNLSFigueiredo, J. J. S.; Basilio, R.; Landers, R.; Garciab, F.; Siervo, A. de-Artigo
2007Surface composition and structure of nickel ultra-thin films deposited on Pd(111)Carazzolle, M. F.; Maluf, S. S.; Siervo, A. de; Nascente, P. A. P.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.-Artigo
2007Pd ultrathin film growth on C(0 0 0 1): does it show magnetic behavior?Biasi, E. de; Siervo, A. de; Garcia, F.; Vicentin, F.; Landers, R.; Knobel, M.-Artigo
1999LMM and LMN auger transitions of 4d metals: comparison of experiment and theorySiervo, A. de; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G.G.; Castro, S.G.C. de; Morais, J.-Artigo
2006Hafnium silicide formation on Si(100) upon annealingSiervo, A. de; Flüchter, C. R.; Weier, D.; Schürmann, M.; Dreiner, S.; Westphal, C.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Pancotti, A.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.-Artigo
1999L2,3M2,3X Auger transitions of Ag, In, Sn, and Sb: experiment and theorySiervo, A. de; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.; Castro, S. G. C. de; Morais, J.-Artigo
1998High-resolution LMN and LMM Auger spectra of Pd, Ag, In, Sn and SbLanders, R.; Castro, S.G.C. de; Siervo, A. de; Kleiman, G.G.-Artigo