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2012Hydroxyurea Is Associated With Reductions In Hypercoagulability Markers In Sickle Cell AnemiaColella M.P.; De Paula E.V.; Conran N.; Machado-Neto J.A.; Annicchino-Bizzacchi J.M.; Costa F.F.; Saad S.T.O.; Traina F.-Carta
2012Re: Video-assisted Left Inguinal Lymphadenectomy For Penile CancerCarlos A.S.; Reis L.O.; Tobias-Machado M.-Carta
2012Doing Science In Qualitative Research: An Evaluation Exercise [sobre Fazer Ciência Na Pesquisa Qualitativa: Um Exercício Avaliativo]de Oliveira e Oliveira A.L.; Campos R.O.; Severo A.K.S.; Ferreira A.R.; de Castro e Marques C.; Carlos D.M.; de Sousa G.S.; Campos I.O.; Rosa L.C.S.; Surjus L.T.L.S.; Dias R.C.S.; Garcia R.A.; Ferraz R.O.; Stefanello S.; de Camargo S.X.; Luz V.G.-Carta
2012Application Of Maldi-ms Analysis Of Rainforest Chemodiversity: A Keystone For Biodiversity Conservation And Sustainable UsePavarini D.P.; Da Silva D.B.; Carollo C.A.; Portella A.P.F.; Latansio-Aidar S.R.; Cavalin P.O.; Oliveira V.C.; Rosado B.H.P.; Aidar M.P.M.; Bolzani V.S.; Lopes N.P.; Joly C.A.-Carta
2012The Advertisement Call Of Gastrotheca Fissipes Boulenger, 1888 (anura, Hemiphractidae) With Comments On Its DistributionDe Mira Mendes C.V.; Ruas D.S.; Lourenco-De-Moraes R.; Rodder D.; Sole M.-Carta
2012Advertisement And Territorial Calls Of Brachycephalus Pitanga (anura: Brachycephalidae)De Araujo C.B.; Guerra T.J.; Amatuzzi M.C.O.; Campos L.A.-Carta
2012Non-operative Management Of Blunt Major Hepatic Injury In A Young Adult With Severe Haemophilia APereira B.M.T.; Fraga G.P.; Hirano E.S.; Carmona C.V.; Ozelo M.C.-Carta
2012Impact Of A Best Clinical Therapy Management On Surgery For Ulcerative ColitisLeal R.F.; De Lourdes Setsuko Ayrizono M.; De Sene Portel Oliveira P.; Fagundes J.J.; Coy C.S.R.-Carta
2012Factor Viii Inhibitors In Patients With Congenital Severe Haemophilia A And Its Relation To GenotypePio S.F.; Ozelo M.C.; dos Santos A.; de carvalho B.V.; Caram C.; Zouain D.; Oliveira G.C.; Rezende S.M.-Carta
2012P53 Protein Profile By Ihc May Be Helpful To Define Patient PrognosisMarcello M.A.; Morari E.C.; Ward L.S.-Carta