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2019Thermal treatments and emerging technologies: impacts on the structure and techno-functional properties of milk proteinsNunes, Lauane; Tavares, Guilherme M.-Artigo
2019Effect of high-pressure processing on characteristics of flexible packaging for foods and beveragesMarangoni Junior, Luis; Cristianini, Marcelo; Padula, Marisa; Anjos, Carlos Alberto Rodrigues-Artigo
2019Detection and identification of açai pulp adulteration by NIR and MIR as an alternative technique: control charts and classification modelsCaramês, E. T. S.; Alamar, P. D.; Pallone, J. A. L.-Artigo
2019Rubberized mortar: the influence of aggregate granulometry inmechanical resistances and acoustic behaviorAngelin, A.F.; Miranda Jr., E.J.P.; Santos, J.M.C. dos; Lintz, R.C.C.; Gachet-Barbosa, L.A.-Artigo
20193D-printed low-cost spectroelectrochemical cell for in situ Raman measurementsSantos, Matheus F. dos; Katic, Vera; Santos, Pãmyla L. dos; Pires, Bruno M.; Formiga, André L. B.; Bonacin, Juliano A.-Artigo
2019Tailoring the antimicrobial response of cationic nanocellulose-based foams through cryo-templatingOtoni, Caio G.; Figueiredo, Juliana S. L.; Capeletti, Larissa B.; Cardoso, Mateus B.; Bernardes, Juliana S.; Loh, Watson-Artigo
2019Effect of chitosan size on destabilization of oil/water emulsions stabilized by whey proteinLopes, Isadora S.; Michelon, Mariano; Forster Carneiro, Tânia; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Picone, Carolina S. F.-Artigo
2019Validation of an analytical method for the determination of the main ayahuasca active compounds and application to real ayahuasca samples from BrazilSouza, Rita C.Z.; Zandonadi, Flávia S.; Freitas, Donizete P.; Tófoli, Luís F.F.; Sussulini, Alessandra-Artigo
2019Dynamic urea bond mediated polymerization as a synthetic route for telechelic low molar mass dispersity polyurethanes and its block copolymersFonseca, Lucas Polo; Felisberti, Maria I.-Artigo
2019Enzyme-assisted extraction of biocomponents of lentils (Lens culinaris L.): effect of process parameters on the recovery of compounds with antioxidant propertiesRodrigues Neta, Ieda Moreira; Castro, Ruann Janser Soares de-Artigo