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2008Asynchronous encrypted information transmission with sub-6 fs laser system at 2.12 GHz repetition rateXu, Bingwei; Coelho, Yves; Nogueira, Giovana T.; Cruz, Flavio C.; Dantus, Marcos-Artigo
2007Coherent quantum engineering of free-space laser coolingDunn, Josh W.; Thomsen, J. W.; Greene, Chris H.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2003Two-photon doppler cooling of alkaline-earth-metal and ytterbium atomsMagno, Wictor C.; Cavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2005Two-photon cooling of magnesium atomsMalossi, N.; Damkjaer, S.; Hansen, P. L.; Jacobsen, L. B.; Kindt, L.; Sauge, S.; Thomsen, J. W.; Cruz, F. C.; Allegrini, M.; Arimondo, E.-Artigo
2003Calcium magneto-optical trap loaded from a decelerated atomic beamCavasso Filho, Reinaldo L.; Manoel, Daniela A.; Ortega, Davi R.; Scalabrin, Artemio; Pereira, Daniel; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2004Relativistic and interchannel coupling effects in photoionization angular distributions by synchrotron spectrocopy of laser cooled atomsCoutinho, L. H.; Cavasso-Filho, R. L.; Rocha, T. C. R.; Homem, M. G. P.; Figueira, D. S. L.; Fonseca, P. T.; Cruz, F. C.; Brito, A. Naves de-Artigo
2008Optical frequency combs generated by four-wave mixing in optical fibers for astrophysical spectrometer calibration and metrologyCruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2006Efficient 1 GHz Ti : sapphire laser with improved broadband continuum in the infraredNogueira, Giovana T.; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2008Broadband 2.12 GHz Ti : sapphire laser compressed to 5.9 femtoseconds using MIIPSNogueira, Giovana T.; Xu, Bingwei; Coelho, Yves; Dantus, Marcos; Cruz, Flavio C.-Artigo
2007External power-enhancement cavity versus intracavity frequency doubling of Ti : sapphire lasers using BIBOCruz, F. C.; Cruz, L. S.-Artigo