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2016Enzymatic Profiling In Prostate And Breast Cancer Cells: Phosphate Hydrolysis And Alcohol OxidationGoncalves; Caroline C. S.; da Costa; Bruna Z.; Lima; Maria L. S. O.; Fiorito; Giovanna F.; Ruiz; Ana Lucia T. G.; de Oliveira; Silvia B. P.; Barbosa; Guilherme O.; de Carvalho; Hernandes F.; Marsaioli; Anita Jocelyne-Congresso
2016Preparation Of Fine Powdered Composite For Latent Heat StorageFort; Jan; Pomaleski; Marina; Trnik; Anton; Pavlikova; Milena; Pavlik; Zbysek-Congresso
2016Independence Test For Sparse DataGarcia; J. E.; Gonzalez-Lopez; V. A.-Congresso
2016Passive Filter Aided By Shunt Compensators Based On The Conservative Power TheoryCuri Busarello; Tiago Davi; Pomilio; Jose Antenor; Simoes; Marcelo Godoy-Congresso
2016Exchange Bias Field In Mixed Arrangement Of Nio-ni NanoparticlesSarveena; Kumar; Shalendra; Singh; M.; Sharma; S. K.-Congresso
2016Copula-based Analysis Of RhythmGarcia; J. E.; Gonzalez-Lopez; V. A.; Lanfredi Viola; M. L.-Congresso
2016Copula-based Prediction Of Economic MovementsGarcia; J. E.; Gonzalez-Lopez; V. A.; Hirsh; I. D.-Congresso
2016Interfacial-tension-force Model For The Wavy Stratified Liquid-liquid Flow Pattern Transition: The Usage Of Two Different Approachesde Castro; Marcelo Souza; Hernandez Rodriguez; Oscar Mauricio-Congresso
2016Stochastic Continuity Equations-a General Uniqueness ResultNeves; Wladimir; Olivera; Christian-Congresso
2017Microbial Diversity In Degraded And Non-degraded Petroleum Samples And Comparison Across Oil Reservoirs At Local And Global ScalesSierra-Garcia; Isabel Natalia; Dellagnezze; Bruna M.; Santos; Viviane P.; Chaves B; Michel R.; Capilla; Ramses; Santos Neto; Eugenio V.; Gray; Neil; Oliveira; Valeria M.-Congresso