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2017Mitigating Supply Chain Tardiness Risks In Oem Milk-run OperationsNovaes; Antonio G. N.; Lima; Orlando F.; Jr.; Luna; Monica M. M.; Bez; Edson T.-Congresso
2017Using Atomic Force Microscopy To Detect Asphaltene Colloidal Particles In Crude Oilsda Silveira Balestrin; Lia Beraldo; Cardoso; Mateus Borba; Loh; Watson-Congresso
2017In Situ Xanes Study Of Cobalt In Co-ce-al Catalyst Applied To Steam Reforming Of Ethanol ReactionPastore de Lima; Arthur E.; de Oliveira; Daniela C.-Congresso
2017Aucu Alloy Nanoparticles Supported On Sio2: Impact Of Redox Pretreatments In The Catalyst Performance In Co OxidationDestro; Priscila; Marras; Sergio; Manna; Liberato; Colombo; Massimo; Zanchet; Daniela-Congresso
2017Pretreatment Impact On The Morphology And The Catalytic Performance Of Hybrid Heterodimers Nanoparticles Applied To Co Oxidationda Costa; Luelc Souza; Zanchet; Daniela-Congresso
2017Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Applied To Inactivation Of Different MicroorganismsNishime; T. M. C.; Borges; A. C.; Koga-Ito; C. Y.; Machida; M.; Hein; L. R. O.; Kostov; K. G.-Congresso
2017Trace Elements Status In The Terrain Of An Impounded Vehicle ScrapyardLange; Camila Neves; Graciano Figueiredo; Ana Maria; Enzweiler; Jacinta; Castro; Liliana-Congresso
2017Hybrid Regression Model For Near Real-time Urban Water Demand ForecastingBrentan; Bruno M.; Luvizotto; Edevar; Jr.; Herrera; Manuel; Izquierdo; Joaquin; Perez-Garcia; Rafael-Congresso
2017A New Finite Volume Approach For Transport Models And Related Applications With Balancing Source TermsAbreu; E.; Lambert; W.; Perez; J.; Santo; A.-Congresso
2017Computing Numerical Solutions Of The Pseudo-parabolic Buckley Leverett Equation With Dynamic Capillary PressureAbreu; Eduardo; Vieira; Jardel-Congresso