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2002Effect of lead on dental enamel formationGerlach, R. F.; Cury, J. A.; Krug, F. J.; Line, S. R. P.-Artigo
2003Fluoride intake by Brazilian children from two communities with fluoridated waterPaiva, S. M.; Lima, Y. B. O.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2003Caries progression and inhibition in human and bovine root dentine in situHara, A. T.; Queiroz, C. S.; Leme, A. F.; Serra, M. C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2002Correlation between plasma and nail fluoride concentrations in rats given different levels of fluoride in waterBuzalaf, M. A. R.; Fukushima, R.; Granjeiro, J. M.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2016Main Pathways Of Action Of Brazilian Red Propolis On The Modulation Of Neutrophils Migration In The Inflammatory ProcessBueno-Silva, Bruno; Franchin, Marcelo; Alves, Claudiney de Freitas; Denny, Carina; Colón, David Fernando; Cunha, Thiago Mattar; Alencar, Severino Matias; Napimoga, Marcelo Henrique; Rosalen Pedro Luiz-Artigo
2006Influence of fluoride-releasing restorative material on root dentine secondary caries in situHara, A. T.; Turssi, C. P.; Ando, M.; Gonzalez-Cabezas, C.; Zero, D. T.; Rodrigues, A. L.; Serra, M. C.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2004In vivo studies on lead content of deciduous teeth superficial enamel of preschool childrenGomes, V. E.; De Sousa, M. D. L. R.; Barbosa, F.; Krug, F. J.; Saraiva, M. D. C. P.; Cury, J. A.; Gerlach, R. F.-Artigo
2005Influence of the organic matrix on root dentine erosion by citric acidHara, A. T.; Ando, M.; Cury, J. A.; Serra, M. C.; Zero, D. T.; Gonzalez-Cabezas, C.-Artigo
2005Caries inhibition around composite restorations by pulsed carbon dioxide laser applicationKlein, A. L. L.; Rodrigues, L. K. A.; Eduardo, C. P.; dos Santos, M. N.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo
2006The influence of a novel propolis on mutans streptococci biofilms and caries development in ratsDuarte, S.; Rosalen, P. L.; Hayacibara, M. F.; Cury, J. A.; Bowen, W. H.; Marquis, R. E.; Rehder, V. L. G.; Sartoratto, A.; Ikegaki, M.; Koo, H.-Artigo