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2003Mixing Of Signals In Two-pump Fiber Optic Parametric AmplifiersCallegari F.A.; Chavez Boggio J.M; Fragnito H.L.-Artigo de evento
2003Finite Difference Model For Journal Bearings Applied In The Camshaft Support ElementsMastaler A.; Cavalca K.L.-Artigo de evento
2003Development Of Systems Of Alternative Motorization For Conventional WheelchairsAlvarenga F.B.; Dedini F.G.-Artigo de evento
2003Analysis Of Parameters Of Project Of A Cvt Type Expansiva PulleyDe Albuquerque A.A.; Dedini F.G.-Artigo de evento
2014Evaluation Of Cardiovascular Effects Of Edible Fruits Of Syzygium Cumini Myrtaceae (l) Skeels In RatsHerculano E.A.; da Costa C.D.F.; Rodrigues A.K.B.F.; Araujo-Junior J.X.; Santana A.E.G.; Franca P.H.B.; Gomes E.A.; Salvador M.J.; Moura F.B.P.; Ribeiro E.A.N.-Artigo de periódico
2014Everyone In The Ring: The Circus In Physical Education Classes [todos A La Pista: El Circo En Las Clases De Educación Física]Barragan T.O.; Bortoleto M.A.C.-Artigo de periódico
2014Evaluation Of The Effect Of A Co2 Laser And Fluoride On The Reduction Of Carious Lesions Progression In Primary Teeth: An In Vitro StudyZancope B.R.; Cesar M.M.C.; Rodrigues L.K.A.; Nobre-Dos-Santos M.-Artigo de evento
2014Detection Of Tooth Fractures In Cbct Images Using Attention Index EstimationSouza A.; Falcao A.; Ray L.-Artigo de evento
2014Three-month Water Degradation Of Resin-dentin Interfaces Subjected To Direct And: Indirect ExposureAbuna G.; Felizardo K.R.; Bacchi A.; Correr-Sobrinho L.; Sinhoreti M.A.; Correr A.B.; Feitosa V.P.-Artigo de periódico
2014Comparative Analysis Of Magnetic And Caloric Determinations Of The Magnetocaloric Effect In Mn0.99co0.01asWang G.; Palacios E.; Aguiar Coelho A.; Gama S.; Burriel R.-Artigo de evento