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2006Hafnium silicide formation on Si(100) upon annealingSiervo, A. de; Flüchter, C. R.; Weier, D.; Schürmann, M.; Dreiner, S.; Westphal, C.; Carazzolle, M. F.; Pancotti, A.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.-Artigo
2005Photoelectron diffraction studies of Cu on Pd(111) random surface alloysSiervo, A. de; Soares, E. A.; Landers, R.; Kleiman, G. G.-Artigo
2008Stability and local toxicity evaluation of a liposomal prilocaine formulationCereda, C. M. S.; Tofoli, G. R.; De Brito, R. B.; De Jesus, M. B.; Fraceto, L. F.; Groppo, F. C.; De Araujo, D. R.; De Paula, E.-Artigo
2009First-principles prediction of a metastable crystalline phase of Ga with Cmcm symmetryKoning, Maurice de; Antonelli, Alex; Carvajal Jara, Diego Alejandro-Artigo
2003Nuclear phenotypes and morphometry of human secretory prostate cells: a comparative study of benign and malignant lesions in Brazilian patientsTaboga, Sebastião R.; Dos Santos, Adriana B.; Gonzatti, Adriana G. R.; Vidal, Benedicto C.; Mello, Maria Luiza S.-Artigo
2009Antimicrobial activity of ethanol extracts of Agaricus brasiliensis against mutans streptococciLund, R. G.; Del Pino, F. A. B.; Serpa, R.; do Nascimento, J. S.; da Silva, V. M.; Ribeiro, G. A.; Rosalen, P. L.-Artigo
2009Influences of naturally occurring agents in combination with fluoride on gene expression and structural organization of Streptococcus mutans in biofilmsJeon, J. G.; Klein, M. I.; Xiao, J.; Gregoire, S.; Rosalen, P. L.; Koo, H.-Artigo
2003Fluoride intake by Brazilian children from two communities with fluoridated waterPaiva, S. M.; Lima, Y. B. O.; Cury, J. A.-Artigo