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Jan-2019V-Net and U-Net for ischemic stroke lesion segmentation in a small dataset of perfusion dataPinheiro, Gustavo Retuci; Voltoline, Raphael; Bento, Mariana; Rittner, Leticia-Outro documento
2019Axonal dysfunction in cerebral white matter in systemic sclerosis: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging ( H-1-MRSI) studyPereira, Danilo; Freschi, Mariana; Frittoli, Renan; Amaral, Tiago; Dertkigil, Sergio; Rio, Ana Paula del; Castellano, Gabriela; Cendes, Fernando; Rittner, Leticia; Appenzeller, Simone-Outro documento
2017Characterizing white matter hyperintensities for longitudinal atherosclerosis studiesBento, Mariana; Salluzzi, Marina; Gobbi, David; Frayne, Richard; Rittner, Leticia-Outro documento
2015Uma visão alternativa ao monismo de triplo aspecto para os conceitos de sentimento e consciênciaGudwin, Ricardo Ribeiro-Outro documento
2017Semi-automatic common carotid lumen segmentation on dynamic mr imagesRodrigues, Livia; Souza, Roberto; Rittner, Leticia; Lotufo, Roberto; Frayne, Richard-Outro documento
2020A new quadratic relaxation for binary variables applied to the distance geometry problemBartmeyer, Petra M.; Lyra, Christiano-Outro documento
2018Two-level and two-period modulation for closed-loop interferometric fiber optic gyroscopesBacurau, RM; Dante, A; Schlischting, MW; Spengler, AW; Ferreira, EC-Outro documento
2019Preparation of organic nitrates from aryldiazoacetates and Fe(NO3)(3)center dot 9H(2)OThurow, Samuel; Fernandes, Alessandra A. G.; Quevedo-Acosta, Yovanny; de Oliveira, Matheus F.; de Oliveira, Marcelo G; Jurberg, Igor D.-Outro documento
2016Fuzzy granular neural network for incremental modeling of nonlinear chaotic systemsLeite, Daniel; Santana, Marcio; Borges, Ana; Gomide, Fernando-Outro documento
2015Production of dynamic frozen waves: controlling shape, location (and speed) of diffraction-resistant beamsVieira, Tárcio A.; Gesualdi, Marcos R. R.; Zamboni-Rached, Michel; Recami, Erasmo-Outro documento