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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016A review on evolving interval and fuzzy granular systemsLeite, Daniel; Costa Jr., Pyramo; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo
2014Minimum variance fuzzy possibilistic portfolioMaciel, Leandro; Gomide, Fernando; Ballini, Rosangela-Artigo
2016Stock market volatility prediction using possibilistic fuzzy modellingMaciel, Leandro; Gomide, Fernando; Ballini, Rosangela-Artigo
Jul-2019Evolving fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy approaches in clustering, regression, identification, and classification : a surveyŠkrjanc, Igor; Iglesias, Jose Antonio; Sanchis, Araceli; Leite, Daniel; Lughofer, Edwin; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo
2014Recent advances on evolving intelligent systems and applicationsGomide, Fernando; Lughofer, Edwin-Editorial
2018Granular approximation of solutions of partial differential equations with fuzzy parameterBertone, Ana Maria; Jafelice, Rosana Motta; Barros, Laécio Carvalho de; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo
Jan-2020Evolving granular feedback linearization : design, analysis, and applicationsOliveira, Lucas; Bento, Anderson; Leite, Valter J.S.; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo
2016Fuzzy granular neural network for incremental modeling of nonlinear chaotic systemsLeite, Daniel; Santana, Marcio; Borges, Ana; Gomide, Fernando-Outro documento
2020An overview on evolving systems and learning from stream dataLeite, Daniel; Škrjanc, Igor; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo
2015Evolving granular fuzzy model-based control of nonlinear dynamic systemsLeite, Daniel; Palhares, Reinaldo M.; Campos, Victor C. S.; Gomide, Fernando-Artigo