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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: The Triterpenoid Betulin Protects Against The Neuromuscular Effects Of Bothrops Jararacussu Snake Venom In Vivo.
Author: Ferraz, Miriéle Cristina
de Oliveira, Jhones Luiz
de Oliveira Junior, Joel Reis
Cogo, José Carlos
Dos Santos, Márcio Galdino
Franco, Luiz Madaleno
Puebla, Pilar
Ferraz, Helena Onishi
Ferraz, Humberto Gomes
da Rocha, Marisa Maria Teixeira
Hyslop, Stephen
San Feliciano, Arturo
Oshima-Franco, Yoko
Abstract: We confirmed the ability of the triterpenoid betulin to protect against neurotoxicity caused by Bothrops jararacussu snake venom in vitro in mouse isolated phrenic nerve-diaphragm (PND) preparations and examined its capability of in vivo protection using the rat external popliteal/sciatic nerve-tibialis anterior (EPSTA) preparation. Venom caused complete, irreversible blockade in PND (40 μg/mL), but only partial blockade (~30%) in EPSTA (3.6 mg/kg, i.m.) after 120 min. In PND, preincubation of venom with commercial bothropic antivenom (CBA) attenuated the venom-induced blockade, and, in EPSTA, CBA given i.v. 15 min after venom also attenuated the blockade (by ~70% in both preparations). Preincubation of venom with betulin (200 μg/mL) markedly attenuated the venom-induced blockade in PND; similarly, a single dose of betulin (20 mg, i.p., 15 min after venom) virtually abolished the venom-induced decrease in contractility. Plasma creatine kinase activity was significantly elevated 120 min after venom injection in the EPSTA but was attenuated by CBA and betulin. These results indicate that betulin given i.p. has a similar efficacy as CBA given i.v. in attenuating the neuromuscular effects of B. jararacussu venom in vivo and could be a useful complementary measure to antivenom therapy for treating snakebite.
Citation: Evidence-based Complementary And Alternative Medicine : Ecam. v. 2015, p. 939523, 2015.
Rights: aberto
Identifier DOI: 10.1155/2015/939523
Date Issue: 2015
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