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2016Spray Dried Microparticles Of Chia Oil Using Emulsion Stabilized By Whey Protein Concentrate And Pectin By Electrostatic DepositionNoello, C.; Carvalho, A. G. S.; Silva, V. M.; Hubinger, M. D.-Artigo
2009Increase of cholesterol oxidation and decrease of PUFA as a result of thermal processing and storage in eggs enriched with n-3 fatty acidsMazalli, Mônica Roberta; Bragagnolo, Neura-Artigo
2015Inhibition of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidation through the use of annatto and bixin in high-pressure processed fishFigueirêdo, Bruno C.; Bragagnolo, Neura; Skibsted, Leif H.; Orlien, Vibeke-Artigo
2014Scavenging capacity of coffee brews against oxygen and nitrogen reactive species and the correlation with bioactive compounds by multivariate analysisRodrigues, Naira Poerner; Benassi, Marta Toledo; Bragagnolo, Neura-Artigo
2014Effect of annatto powder and sodium erythorbate on lipid oxidation in pork loin during frozen storageFigueirêdo, Bruno Chacon; Trad, Isabela Jorge; Mariutti, Lilian Regina Barros; Bragagnolo, Neura-Artigo
2015Evaluation of pequi (caryocar Brasiliense Camb.) aqueous extract quality processed by membranesMachado, M. T.C.; Mello, B. C. B. S.; Hubinger, M. D.-Artigo
2015Development of active films from pectin and fruit extracts: light protection, antioxidant capacity, and compounds stabilityEça, K. S.; Machado, M. T. C.; Hubinger, M. D.; Menegalli, F. C.-Artigo
2015Alginate and pectin-based particles coated with globular proteins: production, characterization and anti-oxidative propertiesTello, Fernando; Falfan-Cortés, Reyna Nallely; Martinez-Bustos, Fernando; Silva, Vanessa Martins da; Hubinger, Miriam Dupas; Grosso, Carlos-Artigo
2016Solid lipid microparticles produced by spray chilling technique to deliver ginger oleoresin: structure and compound retentionOriani, V. B.; Alvim, I. D.; Consoli, L.; Molina, G.; Pastore, G. M.; Hubinger, M. D.-Artigo
2016Physical properties and morphology of spray dried microparticles containing anthocyanins of jussara (euterpe Edulis Martius) extractHubinger, M. D.; Rodrigues, R. A. F.; Sartoratto, A.; Silva, V. M.; Machado, M. T. da Costa; Carvalho, A. G. da S.-Artigo