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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2014Scavenging capacity of coffee brews against oxygen and nitrogen reactive species and the correlation with bioactive compounds by multivariate analysisRodrigues, Naira Poerner; Benassi, Marta Toledo; Bragagnolo, Neura-Artigo
2014Effect of annatto powder and sodium erythorbate on lipid oxidation in pork loin during frozen storageFigueirêdo, Bruno Chacon; Trad, Isabela Jorge; Mariutti, Lilian Regina Barros; Bragagnolo, Neura-Artigo
2014Potential of volatile compounds produced by fungi to quality of coffee beverageIamanaka, B. T.; Teixeira, A. A.; Teixeira, A. R. R.; Vicente, E.; Frisvad, J. C.; Taniwaki, M. H.; Bragagnolo, N.-Artigo
2019Effect of chitosan size on destabilization of oil/water emulsions stabilized by whey proteinLopes, Isadora S.; Michelon, Mariano; Forster Carneiro, Tânia; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Picone, Carolina S. F.-Artigo
2017Solubility Behavior Of Mixtures Containing Refined Soybean Oil And Low-toxic Solvents At Different TemperaturesHomrich, Perci O. B.; Mariutti, Lilian R. B.; Bragagnolo, Neura; Ceriani, Roberta-Artigo
2014Roasting process affects the profile of diterpenes in coffeeDias, Rafael Carlos Eloy; Faria Machado , Adelia Ferreira de; Mercadante, Adriana Zerlotti; Bragagnolo, Neura; Marta de Toledo Benassi-Artigo
2014Reprint of "the mycobiota of coffee beans and its influence on the coffee beverage"Iamanaka, B. T.; Teixeira, A. A.; Teixeira, A.R.R; Copetti,M.V.; Bragagnolo, N.; Taniwaki, M. H.-Artigo
2014The mycobiota of coffee beans and its influence on the coffee beverageIamanaka B. T.; Teixeira A. A.; Teixeira A. R. R.; Copetti M. V.; Bragagnolo, N.; Taniwaki M.H.-Artigo