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dc.title[factors Impacting The Growth And Nutritional Status Of Cystic Fibrosis Patients Younger Than 10 Years Of Age Who Did Not Undergo Neonatal Screening.]pt_BR
dc.contributor.authorHortencio, Taís Daiene Russopt_BR
dc.contributor.authorNogueira, Roberto José Negrãopt_BR
dc.contributor.authorMarson, Fernando Augusto de Limapt_BR
dc.contributor.authorHessel, Gabrielpt_BR
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, José Dirceupt_BR
dc.contributor.authorRibeiro, Antônio Fernandopt_BR
unicamp.authorTaís Daiene Russo Hortencio, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil.pt_BR
unicamp.authorRoberto José Negrão Nogueira, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil.pt_BR
unicamp.authorFernando Augusto de Lima Marson, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil.pt_BR
unicamp.authorGabriel Hessel, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil. Electronic address:
unicamp.authorJosé Dirceu Ribeiro, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil.pt_BR
unicamp.authorAntônio Fernando Ribeiro, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), Campinas, SP, Brasil.pt_BR
dc.subjectCystic Fibrosis/complicationspt_BR
dc.subjectEstado Nutricionalpt_BR
dc.subjectFibrose Cística/complicaçõespt_BR
dc.subjectNeonatal Screeningpt_BR
dc.subjectNutritional Statuspt_BR
dc.subjectTriagem Neonatalpt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study was to evaluate by clinical and laboratory parameters how cystic fibrosis (CF) affects growth and nutritional status of children who were undergoing CF treatment but did not receive newborn screening. A historical cohort study of 52 CF patients younger than 10 years of age were followed in a reference center in Campinas, Southeast Brazil. Anthropometric measurements were abstracted from medical records until March/2010, when neonatal screening program was implemented. Between September/2009 and March/2010, parental height of the 52 CF patients were also measured. Regarding nutritional status, four patients had Z-scores ≤ -2 for height/age (H/A) and body mass index/age (BMI/A). The following variables were associated with improved H/A ratio: fewer hospitalizations, longer time from first appointment to diagnosis, longer time from birth to diagnosis and later onset of respiratory disease. Forced vital capacity [FVC(%)], forced expiratory flow between 25-75% of FVC [FEF25-75(%)], forced expiratory volume in the first second [FEV1(%)], gestational age, birth weight and early respiratory symptoms were associated with IMC/A. Greater number of hospitalizations, diagnosis delay and early onset of respiratory disease had a negative impact on growth. Lower spirometric values, lower gestational age, lower birth weight, and early onset of respiratory symptoms had negative impact on nutritional status. Malnutrition was observed in 7.7% of cases, but 23% of children had nutritional risk.en
dc.relation.ispartofRevista Paulista De Pediatria : Orgao Oficial Da Sociedade De Pediatria De Sao Paulopt_BR
dc.relation.ispartofabbreviationRev Paul Pediatrpt_BR
dc.identifier.citationRevista Paulista De Pediatria : Orgao Oficial Da Sociedade De Pediatria De Sao Paulo. , 2015-Feb.pt_BR
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