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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Taurine Supplementation Prevents Morpho-physiological Alterations In High-fat Diet Mice Pancreatic β-cells.
Author: Ribeiro, Rosane Aparecida
Santos-Silva, Junia Carolina
Vettorazzi, Jean Francisco
Cotrim, Beatriz Borghi
Mobiolli, Daniela D M
Boschero, Antonio Carlos
Carneiro, Everardo Magalhães
Abstract: Taurine (Tau) is involved in beta (β)-cell function and insulin action regulation. Here, we verified the possible preventive effect of Tau in high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity and glucose intolerance and in the disruption of pancreatic β-cell morpho-physiology. Weaning Swiss mice were distributed into four groups: mice fed on HFD diet (36 % of saturated fat, HFD group); HTAU, mice fed on HFD diet and supplemented with 5 % Tau; control (CTL); and CTAU. After 19 weeks of diet and Tau treatments, glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and islet morpho-physiology were evaluated. HFD mice presented higher body weight and fat depots, and were hyperglycemic, hyperinsulinemic, glucose intolerant and insulin resistant. Their pancreatic islets secreted high levels of insulin in the presence of increasing glucose concentrations and 30 mM K(+). Tau supplementation improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity with a higher ratio of Akt phosphorylated (pAkt) related to Akt total protein content (pAkt/Akt) following insulin administration in the liver without altering body weight and fat deposition in HTAU mice. Isolated islets from HTAU mice released insulin similarly to CTL islets. HFD intake induced islet hypertrophy, increased β-cell/islet area and islet and β-cell mass content in the pancreas. Tau prevented islet and β-cell/islet area, and islet and β-cell mass alterations induced by HFD. The total insulin content in HFD islets was higher than that of CTL islets, and was not altered in HTAU islets. In conclusion, for the first time, we showed that Tau enhances liver Akt activation and prevents β-cell compensatory morpho-functional adaptations induced by HFD.
Subject: Animals
Blood Glucose
Body Weight
Diet, High-fat
Dietary Supplements
Glucose Intolerance
Glucose Tolerance Test
Insulin Resistance
Insulin-secreting Cells
Proto-oncogene Proteins C-akt
Citation: Amino Acids. v. 43, n. 4, p. 1791-801, 2012-Oct.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00726-012-1263-5
Date Issue: 2012
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