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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Searching For The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect In Graphite.
Author: Kopelevich, Y
Raquet, B
Goiran, M
Escoffier, W
da Silva, R R
Pantoja, J C Medina
Luk'yanchuk, I A
Sinchenko, A
Monceau, P
Abstract: Measurements of basal plane longitudinal rho(b)(B) and Hall rho(H)(B) resistivities were performed on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite samples in a pulsed magnetic field up to B=50 T applied perpendicular to graphene planes, and temperatures 1.5 K<or=T<or=4.2 K. At B>30 T and for all studied samples, we observed a sign change in rho(H)(B) from electron- to holelike. For our best quality sample, the measurements revealed the enhancement in rho(b)(B) for B>34 T (T=1.8 K), presumably associated with the field-driven charge density wave or Wigner crystallization transition. In addition, well-defined plateaus in rho(H)(B) were detected in the ultraquantum limit revealing possible signatures of the fractional quantum Hall effect in graphite.
Citation: Physical Review Letters. v. 103, n. 11, p. 116802, 2009-Sep.
Rights: aberto
Date Issue: 2009
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