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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Blood Group Genotyping Facilitates Transfusion Of Beta-thalassemia Patients.
Author: Castilho, Lilian
Rios, Maria
Pellegrino, Jordão
T O Saad, Sara
F Costa, Fernando
Abstract: We evaluated the usefulness of blood group genotyping as a supplement to hemagglutination to determine the red blood cell (RBC) antigen profile of polytransfused patients with beta-thalassemia. We selected 10 alloimmunized patients who were receiving antigen-matched RBCs based on phenotype, and had clinical evidence of delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction. DNA was prepared from blood samples and RH E/e, K1/K2, FY A/FY B, and JK A/JK B alleles were determined by PCR-RFLP. RH D/non-D was determined according to the PCR product size associated with the RHD gene sequence in intron 4 and exon 10/3'UTR. RH C/c was tested by multiplex PCR. The phenotypes and genotypes of nine of the 10 samples were discrepant. Five of the discrepancies occurred in the Rh system. One sample was phenotyped as Rhcc and genotyped as RH C/C, and two samples were phenotyped as RhCc and genotyped as RH C/C. Two other samples were phenotyped as RhEe and genotyped as RH e/e. Three samples had discrepancies in the Kidd system with phenotype Jk(a+b+) and were genotyped as homozygous for JK B. One sample had a discrepancy in the Duffy system: it was phenotyped as Fy(a+b-) and homozygous for FY B. Genotyping was very important in determining the true blood groups of many polytransfused patients with beta-thalassemia, and it assisted in the identification of suspected alloantibodies and the selection of antigen-negative RBCs for transfusion.
Subject: Agglutination Tests
Blood Group Antigens
Blood Transfusion
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Polymorphism, Restriction Fragment Length
Citation: Journal Of Clinical Laboratory Analysis. v. 16, n. 5, p. 216-20, 2002.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1002/jcla.10044
Date Issue: 2002
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